49ers Draft: Positions That Can Wait Till 2013

Feb 23, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke speaks at a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I think at this point, the San Francisco 49ers may be done in free agency. If they were to acquire anyone, I would have to believe it would be an offensive linemen. But the market is thin unless you're thinking about bringing in a tackle to convert to guard -- or moving a current 49er over to make way for a tackle.

But in any case, it seems like the 49ers are preparing for draft mode right about now, and after looking at a few of the offseason moves they made, we can get a better look at the draft. For instance, some positions we deemed needs may be able to be put off until the 2013 draft all together.

Here are some positions I think San Francisco can wait to address while they turn their attention over to solving other issues.


The running back position was one that most thought San Francisco might address in the draft. However, with the recent addition of Brandon Jacobs to a backfield that already featured three backs, they might be set. There was word that the Niners might draft Frank Gore's eventual replacement but it doesn't seem as pertinent or probable now.


Dashon Goldson is back on the franchise tag and that's a big deal. But other than that, the 49ers are slim at free safety. I like C.J. Spillman as a back up for now, but a player I'd like to see the 49ers draft in 2013 is Tyrann Mathieu, defensive back out of LSU. I think he's versatile enough to play the free safety position and become a ball hawk at the next level, potentially filling the spotlight of the soon-to-be-retired Ed Reed.

Although I do think the Niners will draft a defensive back later on, and very possibly a safety. But I want Goldson around for the long haul, which is primarily why I feel this way.


The 49ers have four -- need I say more?


Probably one of the last things that needs to be touched is the 49ers front seven. Justin Smith has another few good years left in him. Ray McDonald gets it done and I'm thrilled with how he's turned out. Isaac Sopoaga has been great at nose tackle and Ricky-Jean Francois is a presence even as a sub.

Instead of addressing the defensive line, I think adding another outside linebacker or defensive end that's intended to transfer outside (a-la Aldon Smith) would be a better use of a draft choice.

K, P

In David Akers and Andy Lee, the 49ers have the best in the business right now.

With that said, by process of elimination, you can probably assume that addressing the offensive line and adding offensive pass catchers is the route I would prefer the 49ers to go. San Francisco could add a developmental strong safety or cornerback later on, but I would anticipate them to possibly bring in two new pass catchers.

If the 49ers play to the stop gaps that they've added, they could upgrade this team tremendously at other crucial positions of need.

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