Golden Nuggets: Bogan Cut, Right Guard Questions

Hello everyone. My name is Aaron and I’m the new guy that James has been cryptically alluding to. I’ll be taking over some of the Nuggets duties to allow these guys to get some sleep. “What’s my deal?” Pete Carroll may want to ask. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have been a Niners fan since I learned to walk, much to the chagrin of my father, a lifelong Rams fan. I left home and started travelling, met a girl and ended up in Australia, where I am right now. That’s basically how I got this gig, not due to my writing skills or credentials, but due to the fact that the 2am posting time for the Nuggets is 7pm here, which means that, barring some sort of criminal interference, I’ll be awake to finish the post. Hopefully this will allow us to fill out the Nuggets a bit more while letting James and David get a bit more shuteye.

In prepping me for the job, the others have expressed a desire to get a bit more discussion going and get some more action out of the Nuggets. I’d like to hear back from you guys if you have any ideas as well. The possibilities are endless, so let us know what you think...and with that, here goes…my first nuggets. Enjoy.

A bit of a slow news day. Not much going on other than the waiving of Dontavia Bogan, which wouldn't seem to have too much of an effect on the final roster anyway. Fooch already posted on it. Here's Matt Barrows' take on it (which was pretty much the same as everyone else's). 49ers Blog and Q&A: 49ers part ways with receiver Bogan. An Australian cultural note: A bogan is a negative term for people from the outer suburbs who generally have mullets, listen to metal music, and swill cheap beer while doing donuts in the Australian version of the Ford Ranchero. (Barrows)

Mike Sando grades out all the NFC West teams. Spoiler alert: we get a b-plus. So do the Seahawks. All the teams in the league have been graded if you follow the links. NFC West free-agency assessment - NFC West Blog - ESPN (Sando)

A compelling argument has been given as to why we shouldn't use the #30 pick on a right guard. The consensus seems to be that the only position on the team we're worried about is RG (and with good reason if you ask me). Maybe Kilgore is ready, maybe we've got a trick up our sleeve. Faith in Harbaalke! San Francisco 49ers – Niner Insider Blog – » Is right guard the right 1st-round move? Probably not (Branch)

Patrick Willis stopped by SportsNation and chatted candidly about the Madden13 cover among other things. Mostly light-hearted interview can be found here Chat: Chat with Patrick Willis - SportsNation - ESPN (SportsNation)

Speaking of Patrick Willis, here's a piece from our own James Brady about the Niners use of cap space. 49ers Always Intended For Less Cap Space In 2012, By Paying Patrick Willis - SB Nation Bay Area (SB Nation Bay Area)

Here's a piece that summarizes what some of the writers think about our position for the draft. 49ers Are In Great Position For Draft | NBC Bay Area (NBC Bay Area)

FOX Sports' officiating guru gives his take on the rule changes with a brief jab at the Niners thrown in for good measure. NFL's minor rule changes could play major role on games - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN (Fox Sports)

Manny Lawson has reportedly re-upped with the Bengals. Free agent LB Manny Lawson stays with Bengals - NFL - (

An updated list of each teams salary cap situation. Blogs » Blog Archive Salary cap situations for each team « (

Another piece from that I found interesting claims that the Dolphins didn't want to pay Matt Flynn what he was asking. Their GM claims he wasn't worth franchise QB money and that they offered him $4 million a year. There's not exactly a cue of QB's lining up in Miami right now, so I'm not sure how they're grading people, but I thought I'd include it because we'll be seeing Flynn twice yearly. news: Dolphins unwilling to pay Flynn franchise QB money (

Chad Reuters updated Mock Draft (I use capital letters as the Mocks are going to be more dear to us than some of the other proper nouns in our lives in the upcoming months) has us taking LSU's Reuben Randle. To my surprise, it also has the Browns nabbing Tannehill at #4. A bit of a stretch? Mock Drafts 2012: Browns nab Tannehill; Jags jump on Claiborne (

More draft news. A good look at the incoming crop of WRs and how big they are. Are we still in the market for one? Me thinks yes. Want a big receiver? This may be the year to get one | National Football Post (National Football Post)

The latest entry into's 49 in 49 series. 49 in 49: RB Lamar Miller (

Chris Burke over at SI gives us a look at All-Pros and what position they were selected in the draft. Nothing too surprising here, just a nice compilation of info and a little analysis. What do All-Pro teams tell us about NFL Draft? – Audibles (

Also from Burke, in the same Audibles blog are his best of the firsts series where he lists the best player in modern NFL history taken at each draft position. Today's entry is Deion Sanders. Interestingly enough, he chose to put a photo of him in the Niners red and gold. He only played the one year for us, but what a year it was. A Super Bowl ring and Defensive POY honors. If you go further back he's got Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice in there. Best of the Firsts, No. 5: Deion Sanders – Audibles (

And that's all folks. Go ahead and give me any feedback or abuse you might wish to heap on me, and again, let us know if there's anything you would like to see in future editions of the Nuggets.

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