Latest 49ers 7 Round Mock, Pre Free Agency

Good Afternoon 49er Faithful!

Based on comments and further research, this is the latest Mock Draft I have for the 49ers prior to Free Agency.

With the value at the 30th overall pick the 49ers are in an ideal spot to obtain Mike Wallace. With the 30th pick, the polished day 1 starting WRs are gone. Some team prior to the 30th pick will take Stephen Hill, and the rest of the WR will be a reach at this point. Mike Wallace is fast, young and the niners as of this point have the room to sign him, the Steelers would rather see him go to the 49ers then the Patriots and Ravens for obvious reasons. However, Baalke will not get into a bidding war, and I believe if that happens, we will end up finding this year’s version of Carlos Rodgers in WR form with Laurent Robinson from the Cowboys. Although he has only been documented with one solid season that being 2011, he is young (26) and quick (runs a 4.38). He has good size at 6’2” 200 lbs. With this said I believe going into the 2012 season our WR core will look similar to Crabtree, Williams, Morgan [Resigned], (Robinson), (Draft Pick WR) as our receivers

In addition, the 49ers won’t reach on Colby Fleener at this point as they have 2 solid TEs with solid hands, speed against LB, and size over safeties and corners in that of Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. In addition, Nate Byham is healthy and ready to compete as a blocking/H-back specialist, but also possesses soft hands. Another reason the 49ers will not reach on Fleener is they already have a slightly shorter version of him on the team in Konrath Reuland. At 6’4” 260 lbs, he is quick and has great hands.

REMEMBER: The practice squad members were all treated like they were on the team, from their knowledge of the playbook, to reps on the practice field, to traveling with the team. They should all be considered 2nd year guys.

After the Jump there are essentially two mock drafts with different strategies that Baalke/Harbaugh and Company could and most likely go with based off of need and BPA.

For these Mock Drafts I have assumed that Larry Grant, with a 3rd round tender has been signed to a different team, say the Cowboys, providing us with an additional mid 3rd round pick. And I am assuming Rodgers has been resigned or this year’s version of Rodgers has been signed. The 49ers are high on Chris Culliver, Cory Nelms, and Tramain Brock. CB is not that high of an issue with our aggressive front 7.

Round 1 30th) Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech. (If he falls this far in the draft he is a worthy 30th pick. Tall fast, 6’5” 215 lbs, ran a 4.38 40 at the combine. Extremely raw but the 49er coaching staff will be more then able to make him an eventual starting WR. He can be that big play, vertical threat WR and solid for Redzone and 3rd down situations. Coming from an option offense at Georgia Tech, Hill is an able down field blocker. Hill doesn’t need to start immediately as the 49ers will have Crabtree and either Wallace or Robinson as the 1 and 2, letting Hill develop as the 3rd along with Morgan.

Alternet Round 1 30th) Baalke Not Satisfied. (At this point Hill is gone, and Baalke does not find enough value with this pick. In order to not reach for a player, Baalke calls the Philadelphia Eagles for a trade. With the Eagles most additional draft picks in the 2nd (2 picks) 4th round (2 picks), and 6th round (3picks), they will be ideal trading partners. According to the Draft Value chart the 30th overall pick is worth the Eagles 2nd round (46th) and 4th round, (96th) and future 5th round pick. This allows the 49ers to draft for depth the Eagles need help at ILB and OT with the 30th pick the eagles should be able to select Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama, or Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State.

Round 2 62nd) Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin (the RG position on the offensive line is wide open right now, with Snyder yet to be signed, and Kilgore and Pearson unproven. Zeitler is the best OG available and would be considered a steal at this point in the draft. He will battle with Kilgore/Pearson and Snyder for the starting role)

Alternet Round 2A (From Philadelphia 46th) Mohammad Sanu, WR Rutgers. (Mohamed Sanu will likely fall into the middle of the second round after he was unable to stand out at the NFL Combine. At 6'2" and 211 pounds he has a solid frame but lacks the speed to be a deep threat. He is best running intermediate routes where he uses his momentum to cruise up field after securing the ball. He is a Harbaugh, team first guy)

Alternet Round 2B 62nd) Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin (Kilgore and Pearson are unproven. Zeitler is the best OG available and would be considered a steal at this point in the draft. He will battle with Kilgore/Pearson and Snyder for the starting role)

Round 3A (From Dallas 82nd) Chase Minnifield, CB/KR, Virginia (solid tackling corner and will aid in run support, however also has good ball skills able to catch the ball at its zenith, and is not afraid of contact. Being a KR he can replace Ginn. Good at man coverage and zone reads, has good bloodlines)

Alternet Round 3A (from Dallas 82nd) Antonio Allen, S, South Carolina (solid coverage Safety, and sure tackler, let him learn behind Goldson/Whitner, develop more of that "Nastiness Factor". Having Allen fall to us in the 3rd would be a steal)

Round 3B 93rd) Robert Turbin RB Utah State. (Although he had ACL surgery a year + ago, remember another back with knee issues coming from the "U", Frank Gore. A year behind Gore, he will be Gore/Lynch 2.0, one cut North to South, powerful runner with elusive quickness, 5’11 225 lbs 4.44 40 yard at Combine, also catches well out of the backfield, Hunter and Turbin will be a two headed monster for years to come)

Alternet Round 3B 93rd) Ben Jones, C, Georgia (Jonathan Goodwin is getting up there in age and really is only a stop gap Center. Ben Jones can compete with Chase Beeler, Kilgore and Pearson for the #2 Center spot and eventually take over for Goodwin.)

Round 4 125th) Tyrone Crawford, DE/DT, Boise State (At the combine, Crawford (6-4, 285) flashed a combination of speed and strength with a time of 4.89 seconds in the 40 and 28 reps on the bench press. Tyrone can be a developmental/ situational player to learn behind Justin Smith and Ray McDonald; will be able to compete with Will Tukuafu and Demarcus Dobbs for a roster spot.

Alternet Round 4A (From Philadelphia 99th) Ryan Steed, CB, Furman (Steed is project CB and you may think this is too high for a project CB, but the ceiling is high. he is a gifted athlete, very similar to Chris Culliver of last year’s draft. All Steed requires is more experience and tutelage, but the talent is there.)

Alternet Round 4B 125th) Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M (Gray is a one cut, North/South runner with a great burst of speed through the hole. Standing at 5’10” and 208lbs, he has the toughness and build to be the heir for Gore. Gray and Hunter will be dominate for years to come)

Round 5 157th) Jacquise Smith OLB/DE Mizzou. (he’s a Smith from Mizzou, we need another OLB, and Smith + Mizzou = Stud [see Aldon Smith, Justin Smith], solid motor, can develop behind Aldon and Brooks, use as a situational much like we did with Aldon this year, can be another ST contributor)

Alternet Round 5 157th) Oliver Vernon, DE, Miami (Vernon missed most of his senior season because of an injury and meaning he may slip this far in the draft, however he can flat out rush the passer. He has tremendous quickness up field and his feet are about as light as you'll see at this level for a kid his size. He has some big time upside as a pass rusher at the defensive end position.)

Round 6) Rishard Matthews, WR, Nevada, (he is a 6’0” 217lbs, he is another possession type receiver, at a 6th round pick he has intangibles and is more than capable with getting the all important YACs. Having ties with Kaepernick will help him in camp, and if nothing else he will be solid with the practice squad. May make a nitch on special teams.

Alternet Round 6) Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M. (6'4," 223lbs, Fuller has fallen this far in the draft due to injuries to his knee and ankle injuries. At a 6th round pick, he will be able to compete in camp. Should he not make the cut, he will be a solid practice squad player, learn the system and eventually be Josh Morgan’s replacement in the future.

Round 7) Christian Thompson, FS South Carolina State, (at 6’0” 211 lbs, he is a developmental Safety that can learn behind Goldson this year. He will be solid on Special Teams this year, and can contribute on multiple levels for the team. Adding depth behind Goldson provides some leverage for a future contract structure for Goldson.

Alternet Round 7) Asa Jackson, CB Cal Poly, because he is a small school guy, he may slip this far in the draft, a technician at his position, he is a competitive prospect with a chip on his shoulder, can step in and compete with Tramain Brock, Cory Nelms and Curtis Holcomb for a roster spot. Jackson could be a missile on special teams, much like Colin Jones.

UDFA: Bryce Brown RB Kansas State, Delano Howell SS Stanford, Griff Whalen WR Stanford. Kellen Moore QB Boise State, Chris Owusu WR Stanford(just because of concussion issues) D'Anton Lynn CB Penn State, Mike Willie WR Arizona State, Jarret Boykin WR Virginia Tech, William Valachos C Alabama, Desmond Wynn OG Rutgers, Matt Conrath DT Virginia.

As a side bar who do you think will be the “Conversion Player?” I.E. the Bruce Miller convert from DE to FB?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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