Golden Nuggets: Foreheads, Fattys And A Lack Of Motivation

Good morning, folks. Big ups to Fooch for covering for me so much, and if you happen to follow me on Twitter, I apologize for the lack of tweeting and things of that nature. I'm on vacation with the girlie and I'm away for another few days. I'm checking in for the Nuggets though, since I miss you all so much. Unfortunately, ya'll are far more updated on the current state of the San Francisco 49ers than I am, as I haven't been following as much. Best I can understand, the league is being taken over by a giant forehead and Michael Crabtree is a fatty. Also, something about Randy Moss totally seriously being motivated again for sure this time, you guys. So yeah. Onto the linkage, chillldren!

It looks like the 49ers have no interest in Peyton Manning, who I believe is some sort of quarterback. Personally, I'd be interested if the guy can actually throw a football anymore, and if not, that forehead is a dominating presence on the sidelines. Like Mike Singletary's eyes, ya know? (

But if the 49ers don't get the best forehead in the game signed up, at least they've got Alex Smith, who is entertaining just for the lulz provided by the fact that no, there is no chance of him ever dying. Ever. (

Then again, maybe the 49ers need Peyton Manning. If they want to make it to the Super Bowl, or something like that - according to Lowell Cohn. I guess Manning would have made Kyle Williams not drop those punts and possibly would have been able to cover Victor Cruz in the first half of the NFC Championship Game. Good job, Alex! (

Anybody else get the image of Jerry Rice getting all up in Michael Crabtree's face while he's doing pushups and saying "One, tubby tubby tubby, two, tubby tubby tubby", or is that just me? (

In non-Manning news, we've got news about Larry Grant. I'd hate to see him go, and I'm alright with paying the guy a good amount of money to be a backup. I'd say a second-round tender is just about fair, but I'm sure he wants out. (

There is exactly a zero percent chance that Blake Costanzo plays for another team next year. He would pay the 49ers to come back next year. I love this guy. (

I don't buy for a second that Bill Walsh had anything to do with bounties. I'm biased. Suck it. (

Just what we need - some conflict with an Alex Smith contract. I think he's now a priority and we need to get him happy, but the team is more important than him, and we need to make sure we're not crippled because of him. (

Tony Dungy thinks the 49ers are the best landing spot for Manning. He's right. But it's not going to happen. (

C.J. Spillman coming back is a really, really, really, really, really, really, really good thing. That's my analysis. I get paid to do this, folks. You gets the bestest. (

Feels good to see Smith above Sam Bradford, though I'm not really positive on that. If you're only as good as your last performance, certainly. But I'm pleased to see the stalling in his development. Seeing as how it seems to be a similar path, perhaps Bradford will be good in Year 7? Your move, St. Louis. (

Folks, when you go out to vote for something - make sure you know what you're voting on. More than that, when your option doesn't end up being the one that's the winning option, don't claim that you didn't fully understand what you were voting on. Mmkay? Mmkay! (

Thought of Manning as 49er never took off locally (

As 49ers Look for WRs, They Hope Crabtree Will Continue To Grow (

Former 49er Roland Lakes, 1939-2012 (

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