Final* 7-Round 49er Mock Draft

Final* 7-Round 49er Mock Draft

Barring prospect injury/arrest or a trade, this will be my final 49er full-round mock. I limited my picks to prospects who have draft grades near where we pick - based on profootball weekly's draft value chart. Here we go!

1 (30) - WR Rueben Randle, LSU - Late First Round Grade - I like Fleener myself, but I do not think he is going to be there when we pick. Rueben Randle is clearly the 3rd best WR prospect in this draft after Blackmon and Floyd, and is a perfect fit for West Coast Offense that likes to run the ball a lot and execute a ball-control offense. He has excellent hands, runs crisp routes, great size, ran a 4.42 at his pro day, is a very good blocker, and 'fights' for critical yards to move the chains on third down. He's perfect for us

2 (61) - CB Alfonzo Dennard,, Nebraska - Late Second Round Grade - Simply the best player available. Dennard is a physical cover corner who fit our primary zone scheme perfectly. He's a physical corner whos excellent against the run and can jam WRs much bigger than him effectively. He's got a physical attitude that he takes with him onto the field - he got into a fight with Alshon Jeffery in the Capital One Bowl. Strong nickel corner, and will allow us to perhaps have one of the best *dime* coverage packages in the NFL in 2012 and 2013 with Rogers, Brown, Culliver, and Dennard. Dennard is an excellent fit for our intimidating, physical style of defense.

3 (92) - C/G Phil Blake, Baylor - Late Third Round Grade - Phil Blake is an excellent pass blocking interior linemand who started at center for the pass-heavy RGIII offense at Baylor. He can also play guard, making him the perfect option for the 49ers: we have a center of the future (and a 2012 backup) and a guy that can play right guard with tenacity. He is also an excellent shotgun snapper. I would expect him to start at RG in 2012 unless Kilgore is as good as we all hope he is.

4 (125) DL Jaye Howard, Florida - Late Fourth Round Pick Grade - the 6-3 305 pound Defensive Lineman from Florida is a big-time sleeper prospect. Scouts are saying that he's not big enough to play DT in a 4-3 offense, but I think he's perfect to play the 5-technique for us. He will be able to rotate in immediately and could end up being a steal.

5 (165) TE James Hanna, Oklahoma - Mid Fifth Round Grade - OK I cheated slightly on the draft grade, but I'm only asking for a 10 - 15 spot slide in the 5th round. Hanna is a very quick receiving Tight End out of Oklahoma that surprised a lot of scouts at the combine with a 4.49 in the 40 yard dash. He's a fairly raw prospect for being a 5th year Senior, but he will fit very well with our Offense.

6 (199) FS/CB Janzen Jackson, McNeese State - Early 7th Round Grade - Jackson was one of the top DB recruits in the country when he chose to go to Tennessee. He had a blowup with the Kiffin Staff, left the team, and went back to Louisiana -- he entered this draft early. He had a poor 40 time that has cost him the chance to be drafted in the 4th round or so, but at #199, Jackson is good value for depth and has the raw skills to turn into a true gem

7 (237) C/G Gino Gradkowski, Delaware - Late Seventh Round Grade - The younger brother of Bengals Backup QB Nruce Gradkowski, the Delaware Center/Guard is getting a lot of looks from teams right now, but he has a 7th/UFA grade. Can play both Guard and Center - paired with Blake we would have a lot of flexibility on the line. A bit undersized.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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