San Francisco Pre Draft 7 Round Mock

Let me begin by saying that i find trades in mock drafts to be a little pretentious. Most of the time it means that somebody is attempting a dream draft for his or her own team, or is having too much difficulty with a specific team's pick in a round, so they decide to trade down. However, when i look at the niners, i see a team with few immediate needs that really doesnt need to reach for anything.

Offensive guard and wide reciever seem to be the only positions where a rookie will have the chance to start from day one, but in this draft i dont see Stephen Hill lasting until pick 30, which would really be the only reason for the niners to stick around in my mind. a lot of fans are star struck on Coby Fleener, me not so much.

I'd much rather have a legitimate number one wide reciever to go with vernon davis than a guy who is eventually going to fight him for snaps, also im a huge fan of Delanie Walker. Any guy who breaks his jaw then returns to the team three weeks later gets my loyalty.

Any way, on to the draft: In this draft i have the niners trading their first round pick to miami for their second round pick and swapped positions in the third round. Miami, which is quickly becoming the joke franchise in all of sports will have lost out on ryan tannehill after a disasterous offseason and will be desperate for either brandon weeden or brock osweiler at the bottom of the first to give dolphins fans something, anything to look forward to.

2nd round pick, no.42: 49ers select Kevin Zeitler OG, Wisconsin Even though the niners biggest need is at right guard, they were in a wierd positionin the first and second round, in that picking one at 30 would have been a bit of a reach, and picking one at 61 would have likely seen Zeitler, Osemele, Silatolu, and maybe even Brooks gone to other teams. With this pick we now get one of the most technically sound players in the entire draft, and the second best run blocking gurad in the draft behind Decastro. He comes from a pro style run first team in wisconsin, and knows how to pass protect and pave huge lanes in the run game. Just ask Montee Ball. This guy has the potential to be a gen year starter.

2nd round pick, no. 61: 49ers select Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State With this pick the niners finally get a real no.1 wide reciever to groom for the future. Quick may not be the most polished reciever in the draft, but he has the size, speed and hands that the niners will covet, and the best thing about it is that he wont be pressured to start right away after we signed Moss and Manningham. He'd get limited action while learning under Moss and establishing himself as a physical force as the season goes on, a la Aldon Smith a year ago.

3rd round pick, no. 92: 49ers select Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinatti a lot of mocks have Jared Crick to the niners in some way in the upcoming draft. no knocks against him, hes a great player, just not better than Derek Wolfe. Wolfe has the physical skills to be a dominate five technique in the NFL. At 6-6 295, he has the physique of a JJ Watt and the nonstop motor to remind coaches and fans of Justin Smith. With the selection the niners get quality d line depth and allow the kid to learn under the best defensive end in the game and the best d line coach in the game.

4th round pick, no. 125: 49ers select Markelle Martin, FS, Oaklahoma State this pick was difficult, because talent-wise Martin deserves to be a solid third round player in a weak draft for safeties. He is a willing tackler, covers well and has a nose for the football. However, hes had a knee injury and hasnt been able to attend a pro day or work out for any team at all. with the draft getting closer, im wondering if teams might have made up their minds about another player. Nevertheless, if he fell to us hed be an absolute steal, giving us needed depth at the safety position this year, and a potential starter in the future if dashon goldson decides to seek a mega deal next year. dont know why and i hope im wrong, but i cant help but see goldson as a future redskin.

5th round pick, no. 165: 49ers select David Molk, C, Michigan I wanted to mock a running back here, but apparently my draft crush on Robert Turbin was shared by a bunch of other people and he'll be long gone by this point. While we will need to draft somebody to pair up with Kendall Hunter in the near future, we are at least stable this year and can wait. Molk on the other hand gives us great value in the fifth. He posesses great intelligence, leadership and technique and is a strong pass blocker. Godod player to groom under Goodwin for a year. Plus, hes a Michigan guy, which is instant brownie points for Harbaugh.

6th round pick, no. 199: 49ers select Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M At the beginning of the season, Fuller was being given between a first and second round grade. However, a lack of production and some injuries plagued his season and his draft stock has taken somewhat of a pitfall. He is talented though, and at 6'3", he gives us another big tall reciever to pair with Quick in the future. Keep in mind, the only wide reciever we have signed after the 2013 season is Crabs, and any niner fan can tell you that that means we have to start planning now.

7th round pick, no. 228: 49ers select Jacquies Smith, DE, Missouri Another year, another athletic Smith from Missouri. Isnt the athletic freak like his friend Aldon, but he does have some pass rushing skills and would be a solid special teams player while he gets time to develop. Let me know what you guys think!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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