Final 49ers 7 Round Mock Draft: Drafterbation

Good Evening Faithful!

Regardless of whom the 49ers Draft, I am really pleased with how well Baalke has done, by developing contracts and assigning "values" to every player considered a "49er" he has landed us Jim Harbaugh, a great coaching staff, and provided players with a team first mentality which has, and will continue to be exciting to see for years to come. This is my last Mock draft, before sitting down with a beer and watching the actual even unfold, even if 1 pick comes to fruition I’d be ecstatic, but you never know!

Round 1) Pick 30 Coby Fleener, TE Stanford. We have the best duo of TEs currently in Davis and Walker, however with Walker being a FA next year, Fleener can be the future number 2 TE should Walker decide to, well walk next season. This year, Fleener is the smart move as the big body, receiving target Smith has needed for 3rd downs and redzones.) Adding Fleener with similar intangibles as Vernon Davis, Defenses will not be able to bracket both TEs, leaving holes in the opposing Defenses. Fleener will become a dependable blocker as the season progresses. Imagine double tight set with Fleener and Davis, Walker as an H-back, Crabtree and Manningham as WRs, with Miller and Gore/Hunter in the back field. It’d be unbelievable the amount of 3rd down/redzone weapons Smith will have.

Round 2) Pick 61, Billy Winn, DE Boise State. We are in need of youthful depth at the Defensive End position. 2012 is the time to bring in a younger version of Justin Smith, and to allow Smith to instill his knowledge and workethic while he still has a few years left in his tank. At 6’4" 294 lbs, he is almost identical in build to Smith. Winn is a powerful rusher, who moves forward throughout the play and uses athleticism to flush and chase quarterbacks out of the pocket. Good bull rush to push his man into the backfield forcing offensive lineman to hold. Winn plays with leverage at the point of attack whether inside or outside. He keeps eyes in the backfield when inside, moves linemen to either side with strong hands while flashing nimble feet to chase running backs and mobile quarterbacks to the sideline when lined up at end. Spins off blocks to get back into the play.

Round 3) Pick 95 Robert Turbin RB Utah State. The more I read and research Turbin, the more excited I get about the possibility of seeing him line up behind Bruce Miller, or alongside Kendall Hunter. He’s tough to tackle, a bruiser with good vision and balance who hits the hole hard and runs solid routes from the back field and catches everything. He willingly picks up the blitz and is a diligent worker with great character. Questions about ACL surgery 2 years ago needs not be a concern, look at Frank Gore, and his knee issues out of Miami. At 5-10, 220lbs, and a 4.47 40 yard dash at the combine, Turbin is Gore 2.0, with a splash of Marshawn Lynch. 49ers will carry 5 RBs as they did last year. [RBs) 1. Gore, 2. Hunter, 3. Turbin, FBs 1. Miller, 2. Jacobs.] Turbin will be a stud on Special teams as well using his speed agility and strength to make down field tackles.

Round 4) Pick 125 Tommy Streeter; WR Miami. At 6’5" and 216lbs, Streeter is a rawer version of Stephen Hill (if that’s possible). Streeter is projected to be a late 4-6 Round pick, but has impressive size and speed. He may not look like the typical slot receiver, but that is where Streeter is most successful. When facing off coverage or after moving in motion, Streeter can certainly win down the seam or in soft zones on intermediate routes. He is an instant red-zone target that can begin his career as an NFL team's fourth wide receiver and developmental project. However our schemes and solid coaching ability will produce high results for Streeter in a few years. He is a developmental WR with a lot of upside; Baalke likes players with high ceilings.

Round 5) Pick 157 Brandon Hardin, S, Oregon State. Here Baalke selects a backup safety to Goldson and Whitner to compete with Spillman. Hardin possesses intriguing upside. He Combines prototypical size, speed and explosiveness for the free safety position and could remain at cornerback in a press-man scheme. Thus increasing his versatility. He has excellent straight-line speed (officially recorded at 4.44, 4.43 at his March 16 Pro Day), as well as impressive explosiveness (10'4" broad jump, 35.5" vertical) and strength (24 reps). Hardin will fir in with the Secondary’s hard hitting mentality as he provides a physical jolt to receivers and shows surprisingly loose hips and acceleration to turn and run with them. Aggressive, reliable open-field tackler with strong, active hands to rip at the ball. Forced three fumbles in 2010 … Reads run aggressively and attacks the action. Excellent special teams defender.

Round 6) Ryan Miller OG, Colorado. Here Baalke provides more competition for the RG position. Miller is an intriguing prospect at 6’7" and 324 lbs. he possesses tackle size and strength, along with natural bend. Strong punch knocks back or re-routes rushers. Tough anchor, hard to move against bull rushes. Owns lateral agility to help tackle if uncovered, hustles around the pocket if defender could get secondary rush. Even with tackle size, Miller has nimble enough feet to trap inside. Uses length and agility to take out targets in his direct path, but also flexibility and vision to adjust to inside targets in close quarter. His versatility of being an Adam Snyder replacement is why Baalke takes this pick. He has experience at Guard and Tackle and can learn to play all offensive line positions.

Round 7) Robert Blanton, CB Notre Dame. Here Baalke continues his streak of 7th round CB with a lot of upside. Blanton is Tall at 6’1" and athletic with long arms for the position (31" arms). He plays with the physical nature to shed defenders and work off blocks. Good toughness and recognition skills to fight through traffic and blow up screens. Plays with good fundamentals and takes accurate angles to the ball carrier. A strong, aggressive tackler and doesn't back down against the run. Physical downfield and matches up well with bigger receivers. Tough and fiery with very good competitiveness … high effort player.

As with all of us, I am looking forward to this draft, the excitement of bringing in new talent, and to bring us another Lombardi trophy. I look forward to your comments, your opinions, and let me know your Draft Picks!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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