1st Round NN NFL Mock Draft

this Is my First mock Draft Ive Ever Created, Hope You Enjoy!

Put In Detail Why Each Player Gets Picked For Each Specific Team.

Colts 1.Andrew Luck QB
Luck is the most sure thing in this Draft, he's a proven winner.

Redskins 2.RG3 QB
Some have him listed ahead of luck because he has a better deep ball an is a better athlete, but luck has a more proven resume then RG3 Because he's been in the spot light for a while now

Vikings 3.Matt KALIL OT
If not for luck or RG3 he would be the No. 1 pick the draft. Kids a stud

Browns 4.Trent Richardson RB
Browns could go wide receiver here, but McCoy not a proven QB yet and Joe thomas and Alex mack are proven OLine Men Richardson the easy choice here.

Tampa Bay 5.Morris Claiborne CB
Ronde barber has maybe on mediocre year left in him enough said.

Rams 6. Justin Blackmon WR
Sam Bradford has the talent he just need someone to throw to.

Jaguars 7. Michael Floyd WR
Some people have Ingram here, but Blain gabbert needs help & he needs it bad. Imo I think Floyd has the more physical tools to be a no. 1 Then Blackmon

Dolphins 8. Ryan Tannehill QB
This PICK Just Makes The Most Sense Here And QB Always Go Higher Then What They're Worth Because Of The Need In The Top 10 Picks

Panthers 9. Fletcher Cox DT
That Defense Line Needs Help Cox Is As Safe As It Gets For The D Tackle Position.

Bills 10. Riley Reiff OT
They Lost Bell To The Eagles Reiff Can Come IN an START Day One

Chiefs 11. David Decastro OG
Chiefs Need A Upgrade TO Protect Cassel

Seahawks 12. Melvin Ingram OLB
There Pass Rush Is Horrible Ingram Comes IN An Makes An Immediate Impact.

Cardinals 13. Luke Kuechly MLB
Stewart Bradley A Bust. They Bring In Kuechly The Control The Defense An Let Washington Use His Athletic Ability To Make Plays.

Cowboys 14.Mark Barron SS
There Secondary A Piece Of Crap Barron Comes IN An Makes A Immediate Impact.

Eagles 15. Johnathan Martin OT
Herremans Play Rt This Season, This Move Will Let Him Go Back To His Original Position At Guard AN Be A Beast. Watkins Was A Bust

Jets 16. Chandler Jones DE
It Just Makes Sense.

Bengals 17.Stephen Gilmore CB
They Brought IN Newman, But You Never Know What He's Going To Give You, Gilmore Has Risen Up The Board & The Kid Can Ball.

Chargers 18. Courtney Upshaw OLB
Larry English Was A Bust An Travis Laboy Should Only Be Situational.

Chicago Bears 19. Coby Fleener TE
They Messed Up By Letting Greg Olsen Go. They're Not Letting Greg Olsen 2.0 Slip By Them In A League Where TE Dominate.

Titans 20. Dontari Poe DT
They Need Someone To Help The Pash Rush An Stop The Run.

Bengals 21. Cordy Glen OT
They Lost Bobbie Williams & Have A 5th Round Pick As A Back Up. Glen Makes Sense.

Browns 22. Kendale Wright WR
McCoy Needs Help Bad Hopefully Kendale That Guy.

Lions 23. Dre Kirkpatrick CB
You Should Never Get Murder By A Back Up QB. He Comes IN Day One AN gets The Starting Job.

Steelers 24. Donta Hightower MLB
James Farrior Is Gone They Need Someone Complimentary To Lawrence Timmons.

Broncos 25. Quinton Coples DE
Because Of The Teams Other Needs The Broncos Score An Get Coples To Pair Up With Miller An Dumerville.

Texans 26. Stephen Hill WR
There A Huge Need Behind Andre Johnson AT Receiver. Hills Has The Tools To Be That Guy, He Just Needs to prove it.

Patriots 27. Shea McClellin OLB
They Lost Anderson An Carter To Free Agency This Season So They Need A Player That Can Get TO the QB.

Packers 28. Nick Perry OLB
Clay Matthews Gets Reunited With His Old College Team Mate And They Have No Pass Rush He Helps Them Immediately.

Ravens 29. Kevin Zietler OG
They Lost Ben Grubbs This Off Season & They're A Run First Team I See This As A Good Move Zietler A Mauler.

49ers 30. Ashlon Jeffery WR
49ers Have A Big Need At Guard, But We Can Find Value IN The Second Round Jeffrey Is A Beast If He Can Control His Weight Problems.

Patriots 31.Harrison Smith SS
They Have No One Next To Chung. Harrison Is A Smart instinctive Safety Which Bellichick Loves.

Giants 32.Mike Adams OT
There Offensive Lines Horrible They Got Absolutely Murder IN The NFC Championship Game By The Niners This Is A Immediate Upgrade.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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