Niners Nation Community Mock Draft Grades

Fooch's Note: We've got some grades for last week's fantasy draft!

Hello guys. We had a community mock draft today and personally I think it went pretty well. It wasn't as organized as I hoped but this is my first time running it and I will be looking for ways to improve it for next year (if I am given the opportunity to do it again). So if you have any idea on how to improve the draft write it below.

For those of you who participated thank you. It was a pleasure to have you. If you continue after the jump you will see who each team picked and the grades given and my opinion on the pick. Sorry that it took so long I didn't expect having as busy of a week.


Andrew Luck: A : Honestly this pick is so easy my dog could make it.

Coby Fleener: A: A quarterback's life is so much easier when they have talent surrounding them. Fleener not only provides talent he also provides someone who Luck is comfortable with.


Robert Griffin III: A: Clutchtree scared me but thankfully he made the right decision and went with Griffin.


Matt Kalil: A: I'm just saying that if the Vikings don't select Kalil at #3 I think Ponder might have a valid case about an unsafe work enviornment.

Rueben Randle: A: First round talent and IMO the 4th best WR in this year's draft. Adding Kalil and Randle to Ponder could help Ponder develop.


Melvin Ingram: B- : I don't really understand this pick. The Browns have another pick later in the draft where they can get a DE/OLB with decent value. Would've been better addressing the offense.

Cody Glenn: B+ : Decent value and protecting the QB is almost as important as the QB himself.

Doug Martin:A : My favorite Browns pick of this draft. Martin is a great RB and getting him in the 2nd round is a steal.


Justin Blackmon: B: Why Blackmon? Richardson is a better prospect not to mention that Richardson will help the team more than Blackmon.

Zach Brown: A: Decent OLB not a full reach but not great value.


Fletcher Cox: A : Great pick. A really good DT can definitely strength up that D-Line and we all know how much Fisher loves his DTs.

Jerel Worthy: B+: I don't understand why the Rams double dipped for the DT position. Its great value which is why I gave it a B+ instead of a C+.

Amini Silatolu: B: A pick to help the worst offense in the NFL. Could have also went with Jeffery in order to provide Bradford with a playmaker. Slight error in selecting Silatolu over Zeitler drop the grade down to a B.


Quiton Coples: A: Ya the Jags pass rush is horrid and if Coples plays well they can finally get someone to hit the quarterback.

Alshon Jeffery: A: I'm going to be honest here I think Gabbert is horrible. Jeffery has some character concerns but he can play. Can provide a big target and a #1 WR for Gabbert and maybe make the offense not suck so much.


Ryan Tannehill: B: Not a huge fan of Tannehill but the Dolphins do need a QB. I think he may be going into the 2nd round of the draft but you can't really take that chance when it comes to the QB position.

Vinny Curry A: Can always use help for the pass rush especially considering that Wake may be leaving soon as he is a free agent.


Morris Claiborne: A : How in the world did he drop this far? Panthers definitely need help on D and Claiborne can definitely help the Panthers.

Kevin Zeitler: A: First round talent in the second round. Its also important to help the franchise Quarterback. Combining both of those and you made the best pick possible.


Riley Reiff: A: Injuries on offense derailed the team. So protecting Fitzgerald and the Runningbacks could make the team look like it did in the beginning of the season.

Andre Branch: A: I love this pick although other people during the mock didn't. The Bills are switching to a 4-3 and they currently have one good pass rusher in Mario Williams.


Trent Richardson: A: So far this is the biggest steal of the draft. Based on pure talent alone Richardson is the best player in the draft. So getting him at 11 is a great pick.

Kendall Reyes: A


David DeCastro : C: I don't understand this pick. Sure the Seahawks need help on their O-Line considering how miserable it is but they don't have a single decent LB on the team.

Mychael Kendricks: A: Kendricks addresses a huge need that needs to be addressed early in the draft.


Luke Kuechly: B-: Ya he is a good player but do the Cardinals really need him? They already have a good ILB I don't think they need another one.


Mark Barron: B+: Kind of a big reach but the cowboys secondary is so poor that Barron will provide a big upgrade to the team.

Devon Still: A: Wow another first round talent dropping to the mid second round. I'm shocked. Still is a good 5tech prospect and is great value at 45.


Dontari Poe: B: What an overrated prospect. Failed to produce in college and with a great combine suddenly a top 15 prospect. But I can see the Eagles going this way so I gave it a B.

Lavonte David: A: If you remember the Eagles game you should remember how horrid of a LB corp they have. So they really need to address the issue early.

Bobby Massie: A : Their starting LT just went down for the year so grabbing someone in the 2nd round for a replacement isn't bad.


Michael Floyd: A: LOVE this pick. When your QB is horrible the only way to have an average offense is to surround him with playmakers.

Chandler Jones: A: Another great pick. The Jets Defense despite a lot of success still lacks a pass rusher. Chandler Jones from Syracuse can be that guy.


Stephon Gilmore: A: Gilmore is considered to be the 2nd/3rd best CB in this years draft. The Bengals also lost their starting CB last year when Joseph left.

Kendall Wright: A: They already have a great WR in AJ Green but Wright can provide something special to the team. With the majority of the coverage on Green Wright can explode and be a great playmaker for the team.

David Wilson: A: I'm not a huge fan of Wilson but a lot of people are. The Bengals can use a #1 RB now that Benson is no longer on the team.


Whitney Mercilus: A: The offense is fine with Rivers leading the charge. Its important to add some talent to the Defense and especially the pass rush which was horrendous.

Jared Crick: A: The Chargers D-Line wasn't great last year. Before Crick's injury he was a first round pick. Tearing the pectoral muscle is a freak injury and I doubt it will be a reoccurring injury in the future.


Michael Brockers : A-: I'm not sure how big a need is DT for the Bears but Brockers is a decent pick. A lot of people are high on Brockers as he has the athletic ability to become a really good player.

Tyrone Crawford: B: The Bears unfortunately play in a division with Rodgers and Stafford. The only way to stop them is to get them on the ground.


Janoris Jenkins : A-: The Titans lost their #1 CB when Cortland Finnegan left. Jenkins has all the talent in the world. He just needs to get his head on straight. After getting kicked off the team Jenkins transfer to North Alabama. There were reports that he continued to smoke pot while at his new school but now there are reports that he didn't. I think this may be a little high for Jenkins but a decent pick none the less.

Billy Winn: B+: I think this might be a little reach. But none the less the Titans lost one of their DTs and they need to replace him since the Titans D-Line is vital to their success.


Jonathan Martin: A: Martin is a good pass blocker. He would be ranked a little higher if he was stronger. If the Lions want to succeed in the post season they will need to protect Stafford a little better. Especially if the Packers and the Bears decide to improve their pass rush.

Trumaine Johnson: B+: Yes the Lions need help in the secondary but I think this might be a little early for Johnson.


Dont'a Hightower: A: The whole Steelers D is getting old. Especially the ILB and the D-Line positions. So going with Hightower seems like the correct choice as he was dominant while playing for Alabama.

Brandon Thompson: A: I remember during the draft people were wondering why Thompson was still there so late in the draft. Frankly I am surprised too but hey its a great pick. As the Steelers are getting weak on the D-Line and need to get some replacements in quick.


Dre Kirkpatrick: A: Gut feeling is that I doubt Kirkpatrick falls this late. If he does then the Broncos just got a huge steal. The Broncos CB position is shaky at best. As their #2 CB (Tracy Porter) is only signed for one year and Bailey is 34.

Alameda Ta'amu: A: Somewhere during the season Ta'amu was considered to be a first round pick somehow he began to slip. The Broncos are extremely thin at the DT position so getting a prospect like Ta'amu would be a good addition to the team. Making their Defense even better.


Stephen Hill :A : The Texan fans I've talked to want this guy. If Hill pans out they will have a killer offense with Foster in the back and Hill and Andre Johnson on the outside.

Vontaze Burfict :F: I wouldn't even touch this guy in UDFA let alone the 2nd round.


Nick Perry: A: Great pick. Perry is the type of player that can get after the Quarterback. Which is something that the Patriots really need.

Harrison Smith: A: If you have read some of my comments you will know how I feel about Smith. Smith can be something special at S and the Patriots need something special in their secondary.

Kelechi Osemele: A: The Patriots offensive line is getting pretty old and its necessary to grab people to protect the future QB. They have already started doing that last year and I fully expect them to continue to do so this year. Good pick as Osemele has the athletic ability to play but could use a year or two to develop.

LaMichael James: C: I don't really get this pick. I understand that James is a good RB but the Patriots drafted two RBs last year.


Courtney Upshaw : A :Great pick. Upshaw has been going from the top of the first round to the bottom so getting him this late has to be a steal. It also helps that the entire pass rush for the Packers suck.

Ronnell Lewis: B-: Double dipping? I'm not a huge fan on getting the same position in the first two rounds. Yes the Packers need a pass rusher but not this badly.


Peter Konz : A: Personally I was hoping that he would slip to 30 but he didn't and quite honestly this is a pretty realistic pick. The Ravens have the same type of needs on the the O-Line as us so selecting Konz here would be a good pick unless Stephen Hill is here.

Jayron Hosley : B: The Ravens do not need CB help. I know because someone once said that on MTD and they got yelled at. The team seems to be happy with their CBs what they do need help in is finding a replacement for their aging Defense.


Shea McLellin: B: I honestly like this pick. Shea McLellin already showed that he can drop back into coverage, stop the run, and rush the QB while at Boise. Having McLellin will allow for a rotation of Smith, Brooks, Haralson, and McLellin keeping everyone fresh.

Brandon Brooks: NG: TBH when I made this pick I was under heavy influence of my peers. We were already teetering at the edge of a riot with the McLellin pick so...


Mike Adams: B+: Personally I think the Giants need a new tackle before little manning ends up like big Manning and out for the season. But if you suggest this on MTD Giant fans will go ape [site decorum] so I have to go with their opinion with a little weight of mine.

Ladarius Green: B: Although the Giants do need a TE I don't think Green fits the mold. From what I've seen/heard they seem to like the big body TEs and with Green weighing 238 lbs it makes it a poor fit.


Dwayne Allen: B: Lets be real here. Tony Gonzales is getting old but is TE really that big of a need? I mean they did add Julio Jones last year and they still have Roddy White. I do think they will address TE later on but I think they should go with OL with this pick. As the GM of the Falcons has said that improving the lines is the main focus of this year's draft.

P.S. I can't stress how much I enjoyed doing this. I would like to thank Fooch for helping me run the draft and everyone who participated in the draft. It would have flopped if it weren't for you guys.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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