Mock Dizzle

Im trying my hand with a mock draft. Keep in mind Im not a football genius and this will not be nearly as good as Merlins mock draft. Im not cocky enough to predict trades or anything, just going off of the order as is. I hope this doesnt look like every other mock draft ever made! cant wait for the real deal.

1. Colts - Andrew Luck -The most shocking pick of the draft.

2. Redskins - Robert Griffin III- Almost as shocking.

3. Minnesota - Matt Kalil- Makes the most sense for the Vikings other than trading back.

4. Cleveland - Justin Blackmon -I think they will try and move this pick but if their hand is forced than I think they will get a true number one for the QBOTF.

5. TB - Morris Claiborne- I think with an aging Ronde this is the obvious choice.

6. STL - Fletcher Cox -Will make an immediate impact in the middle.

7. JAX - Melvin Ingram -They have missed with this position alot so fingers crossed.

8. MIA - Ryan Tannehill- Obvious choice.

9. CAR - Michael Floyd- Cam needs weapons and Steve isnt getting any younger.

10. Buffalo - Stephen Gilmore- I think hes a top ten talent.

11. KC - Trent Richardson- Steal of the draft.

12. SEA -Luke Kuechly - They need LBS

13. ARI - David Decastro- High for a guard but hes too good to pass up. Floyd would of been nice here aswell.

14. DAL - Mark Barron- I think this is a great fit

15. PHI - Michael Brockers- Babin Cole Brockers = ridiculous

16. NYJ - Riley Reiff- Tebow or Sanchez either way they need a RT paving the way.

17. CIN - Quinton Coples- Helping an already really good defense.

18. SD - Cordy Glenn- I think some GMS are fallin in love with this kid. Fills a need with a guy who could be special.

19. CHI - Courtney Upshaw- They need help on the oline desperately but havent they for years? Upshaw opposite side of Peppers should get pressure on NFC North QBs

20. TEN - Dre Kirkpatrick- Losing Finnegan doesnt hurt so much anymore

21. CIN - Kendall Wright- Him and AJ will be tough to stop.

22. CLE - Chandler Jones- Breathing a sigh of relief their guy falls to them at 22.

23. DET - Janoris Jenkins- They need help in the secondary.

24. PIT - Donta Hightower- Need I say more?

25. DEN - Kendall Reyes -Big upgrade for them.

26. HOU - Stephen Hill- I think they got the players in place for him to be a situational player early and getting groomed by Andre doesnt hurt either

27. NE - Shea Mcclellin - Smart guy who does his job, perfect fit for the hoody.

28. GB - Jonathan Martin -They would of rather got Shea but with the departure of Clifton this makes sense aswell.

29. BAL - Nick Perry -Nice addition to that front seven. Helps the with the loss of Redding

30. SF - Peter Konz- Boo YA I had Baltimore taking him but this is my mock draft so Im giving him to us. He competes right away for the starting gig at RG and moves over to Center in his sophmore year.

31. NE - Devon Still- Really helps that front seven

32. NYG - Coby Fleener- Bennet is nice but pair him with Fleener and it gets a whole lot better.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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