Niner's Draft Picks

1st Round- Jonathan Martin, OT, I like this pick because I feel they want to add depth to their line. He can compete on the right side with Anthony Davis and this could either shove Davis inside or maybe Boone works out inside and they can use him as the back up swing tackle.

2nd Round- Brandon Taylor, FS, some of you might say reach. I really like the niner's choosing him over Trumaine Johnson. Brandon has come from a top flight defense, competing against some of the best teams in college and produced. The guy produces, is quick and very physical. He was underrated, because of the play makers around him and still performed great at the senior bowl.

3rd Round- Mike Martin, DT, before you question his production understand it was the system. Martin is a high motor guy, who can explode off the ball and into the backfield. I think he is highly underrated and can really be a force at the pro level.

4th Round- Chris Polk, RB, I would like to describe this as Trent Baalke did in an interview. You look at the tape and go on instinct, he ran behind a below average O-line and really put the team on his back to keep them in games. Had some really good production but needs coaching overall before he can really start. I really think of Frank gore though when I watch him run, he is a patient runner who cut's up field and can get skinny to get through the hole, with excellent vision.

5th Round- Garth Gerhart, C/G, High Motor, athletic, plays to the whistle. He needs some development, but is above average run blocker who can pull and find guys to hit in space as well as open up holes. Could use to work on his pass protection a bit more, but with our quick offense and how quick they get the ball out it should not be to big of a problem until he becomes better. He is also very intelligent at picking out the blitz and knowing who to pick up for his blocks just needs to get better in winning his fight.

6th Round- Devier Posey, WR, as last round was my Baalke pick, here is my Bill Walsh pick. An elite route runner, who can't be caught from behind. His cuts are perfect and his hands are good, he could use to catch the ball a little bit tighter to his body and work on getting off the jam at the line. Otherwise when he gets that break, he can separate and make cuts so fast he breaks a corner's ankles. He only falls this far because of his suspension at Ohio, he would of been a second round pick.

7th Round- Julian Miller, DE, i'm going with a bit of an instinct pick. This is a guy who has a good motor, not great. He knows how to get the job done, that may not translate at the pro level where everything is a lot tougher and guys are ready for everything and anything on almost any down. We have the right men who can do the job to get the value we want from Miller.

This draft is a little bit different from what I have seen from most people as they tend to go for more high risk picks and can be swayed a bit more by what they read. I know we haven't heard too much of scenario's like this for the 49ers but I really think I may get 1-2 picks right again this year. If the 49ers draft fell like this especially in the top half with Martin at 30, I would be really happy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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