I Got A Case Of LMJ!!!

Like many of you over the past 12 hours I have read "experts", bloggers & Ninerfaithfuls either rant or rave about the #61 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, a one Mr. LaMichael James! This pick has been so controversial I have seen no middle ground amongst the masses. You either love it or hate it! I have tried to speak less about this pick & spew my objectivity on the matter. Instead wanted to reasearch more about the why the FO went with this pick.

During my reasearch on the interwebz, went to the 49ers official website and actually listened to what Jim Harbaugh had to say on the matter. Usually, us fans know he reveals little for fans and even less for reporters. But once in a while he gives you an "Aha momment" in his interviews. This was one of those moments and I strongly suggest for any faithful to go and watch it here. Most of the masses has compared this pick to a "COP back" ala. Darren Sproles to a Reggie Bush and many are looking it that way. Even I at first, looked at this pick like how Kansas City wanted to use Dexter McCluster but that hasn't panned out or a Danny Woodhead from NE. But as we all know Harbaugh has his own take, and fairly always against the grain. He says, and I paraphrase, "I SEE LAMICHAEL JAMES AS A RAY RICE TYPE OF RUNNINGBACK!!" Yes faithfuls, sit down and let that sink into your heads. I myself had a "What you talkin' bout Willis? moment...

My mind was so blown I had to go look at film & stats. What I found, Harbaugh got a "STRONG CASE". Their college football careers are so eerily similar it was as if I found enlightenment. Yes there are some differences such as the offensive schemes they both were in but the end product of both guys are too close to not even acknowledge!

Ray Rice college stats:

Rushing Attempts: 910 YDS: 4926 AVG: 5.4 TD: 49

Receiving REC: 37 YDS: 334 AVG: 9.0 TD: 1

LMJ college stats:

Rushing Attempts: 771 YDS: 5082 AVG: 6.6 TD: 53

Receiving REC: 51 YDS: 586 AVG: 11.5 TD: 4

Now obiviously the differences(Positive/Negatives) are:

1. Ray Rice is 18 pounds heavier than LMJ, but FO and LMJ already talked about adding more weight to his frame

2. Ray Rice had 139 more rushing touches in college but this also showes how efficient LMJ was compared to Rice in college.

3. Questions of durablity for LMJ. I'm saying to myself what durability? LMJ played last year with a brace on his arm and his numbers last year where arguably his best.

4. LMJ is a more accomplished pass-catcher than Rice coming out of college.

5. LMJ can't run in-between the tackles. Review the tapes. Yes he ran alot of jet-sweeps but alot of his damage were one cut and go runs up the middle!

6. Can't use him in goaline situtations. Oh, yes you can! We all know G-Ro/Harbs run sets out of shotgun closer to the goaline. How many TD's did LaMichael get from that same formation?.....Tons!!

7. Lastly, LMJ was also effective at punt returns last year avg. 10.69YDS.

Anyway, still not ready to say LMJ is Ray Rice but I can definitely see Harbaugh's case here. He might not be Rice but if he's a "combo-lite version" of Rice & Woodhead I'll take it. The best thing is he came on a team where he has time to develop. 49ers can & will use him sparingly this year so he can have time to mature and evolve into a special contributor!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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