2012 NFL Draft....My Take!

Rd 1 (30) A.J. Jenkins, WR Illinois.....

Jenkins measures in at 6'0" and 190lbs. Speed guy that ran a 4.39 at the combine and has very natural hands catching the ball. Jenkins snatches the ball out of the air and rarely brings it to his body. With top end speed, he also has great quickness that can help him separate for defenders. I believe that Harbaugh got his "Rice." While I know that there will never be another Jerry Rice, Harbaugh got a guy that fits his system just the way Rice was the perfect fit for Walsh. I see the 49ers bringing Jenkins along slowly like they did with Aldon Smith last year. Jenkins will have his packages and have a chance to get some playing time, but I suspect that the FO will not want to over whelm him at the start. Some teams had Jenkins rated higher than the media and it was confirmed when the Rams said they wanted him with the 33rd pick, just 3 picks after the 49ers got him.

Grade: A- I give it this grade based on the fact that it was who Baalke wanted (see Aldon Smith)

Rd 2 (61) LaMichael James, RB Oregon.....

James ran an official time of 4.45 at the combine but just like Taylor Mays, runs day times around 4.37, which was his unofficial time at the combine. James is considered undersized at 5'9" and 194lbs. Even if James gains 10-15lbs, he will still be faster than Frank Gore, so adding weight shouldn't be a problem. James gained 10 lbs last year at Oregon, so adding more will be him first priority. Monstrous speed with wicked cuts makes James a Real home run threat ever time he touches the ball. With Gore and Hunter, I see the FO again take their time with James and allow him a few packages that will spread his talent all over the field. James has great vision and a one cut up the field runner. After separating his elbow last year, James sat out only 2 and a half games before coming back. His toughness will never be questioned....he is a warrior.

Grade: A+ Rated the second best RB by Mayock, James is Top 10 Talent in a 5th round body.

Rd 4 (117) Joe Looney, OG Wake Forest.....

Looney ran a blistering....never mind, he didn't run the 40 nor who cares, he's an OG. This was the first real need pick by the 49ers. They needed an OG and they got one that was rated higher than where he was drafted. Looney dropped due to his recovery from lisfranc injury.....torn ligament in his ankle. I do not believe that Looney was the guy the 49ers were targeting. Baalke looked very upset and frustrated after the Ravens selected Gino Gradkowski. Looney has the ability to take over a circus with that clown look he had in some of the pics, but he could be the starting RG this year or soon down the road.

Grade: B Baalke traded back once too many times and lost the guy he wanted and had to settle.

Rd 5 (165) Darius Fleming, OLB Notre Dame.....

Fleming ran a 4.77 at the combine but was able improve that time at his pro day to 4.57. I don't know much about Fleming other than he is a guy that can come in a give Aldon or Brooks a rest. I see him as a reserve player kept for dept at the OLB position. He would play on 1st and 2nd downs. Baalke again was upset before they drafted Fleming. He slammed his hand on the desk when Green Bay selected Terrell Manning OLB, and again slammed down him pen when Atlanta selected Johnathan Massaquoi. So two picks in front of the 49ers went the two highest OLB that were on the 49ers board.

Grade: C+ This is what you get when your 1st 2 options are picked in front of you.

Rd 6 (180) Trent Robinson, FS Michigan St......

Robinson is pretty fast for a FS and the 49ers needed some depth here. At 5'10" and 190 lbs, Robinson isn't very big, but then again, how many FS are....well a few. A good value in the 6th round as a back-up player.

Grade: C He is a back-up if he makes the team. The 49ers have a stockpile of talent making this roster will be difficult.

Rd 6 (199) Jason Slowey, OC Western Oregon

Slowey is from a small school.......writing sloppy, getting tired...must move on.......OH, Slowey is the Tom Brady pick of the draft. No that doesn't mean that he will be the next Tom Brady, but it is where Brady was picked...199th overall. Slowey will add depth to the preseason roster and give a camp body to work at C and with an outside shot to take the team.....I see him making the practice squad for a year to see how he develops.

Grade: C- He is a gut that falls in the Gold Helmet category. A 49er, but not a starter.....

Rd 7 (237) Cam Newton Johnson, DE Virginia

Good speed, good size and a good grade from Mayock (2nd round), Chad Cam Johnson, was considered to be a bit of an underachiever and didn't play hard all the time. His talent would indicate that he is better than the 7th round. Johnson could make this team if he works hard as a pass rush specialist, like what Aldon Smith did last year. Brooks is a good OLB, but I think that Johnson could be better at rushing the QB. The 49ers should give him a chance to see if he can get to the QB.

Grade: A Yes an A.....Johnson has 2nd round talent with 7th round effort. If Harbaugh can get him motivated to get great, he just could end up that way. If not, then they just spent a 7th rounder on a camp body.

This is just how I see it. I think it was a very good draft, not great ........what the hell, having LaMichael James makes this the best draft possible.....ever. Besides my man crush favorite player from college, I think it went well. We all have our favorite players at different positions, but in the end, Harbaalke knows best.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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