A Fan's Perspective: 49er's 2012 draft

What a weekend we had in the draft ! Most of us probably had our own ideas about who our team would take, but as usual Baalke and Harbaugh suprised us. Of course I'm no scout here on NinerNation however, I'll be going over our picks and how they fit into our team. This will be a very basic rundown of all our picks as I really haven't done much research. ( Feel free to criticize my article, I look forward to improving)

30. A.J. Jenkins - Most of us had guessed at this spot the 49ers would nab whichever OL or WR prospect was available. The 49er's offense really needed a spark with this pick as there were many to choose from at this spot. G Peter Konz, WR Stephen Hill and TE Coby Fleener we're all available. The 49ers got their WR w/ A.J. Jenkins who is a WR that should provide the speed the team has been looking for. I give this a C+ as it fills a need but there we're many other prospects who we could have taken instead. C+

61. LaMichael James - This was probably the biggest shocker in our draft. With Brandon Jacob's recent signing many of us did not expect us to take another RB. LaMichael James is an exciting RB in college who will be a change of pace for our offense. However, Kendall Hunter was taken last year and I already see him taking that role as the speedster. I'm giving this pick a D+ because this was simply a luxury pick. D+

(although I do look forward to a Hunter/James combo in the future)

117. Joe Looney - Although I don't really know much about him. I really hated this pick. The 49ers originally had the pick 103, and I really wanted the team to take T Bobby Massie or TE Laderius Green. Who knows maybe Looney will be the answer for our RG position, or a solid replacent Snyder. Until then this is a C- because it was just simply frustrating seeing the team miss the players I wanted them to draft. C-

165. Darius Fleming - At this point in the draft all you want to do is fill out your roster w/ solid role players. Darius Fleming will probably be on the team to relieve Ahmad Brooks. Rock solid pick. B

180. Trenton Robinson - I think the 49ers hit gold with this pick. With no depth at all after Goldson + Whitner look for Robinson to fit in smoothly as the backup. Robinson is also versatile enough to play a bit CB should the situation arise. Another good special-teams pick as well. A++

199. Jason Slowey - Jonathan Goodwin is aging and there seems to be no heir to the C spot. Great pick as Slowey will be able to learn behind Baldwin and step in if needed. B+

237. Cam Johnson - I just have to succumb to all the other grades out there and give this an A. Cam Johnson was supposedly a third round value and to just pick him up here has no gamble at all. A

What do you think of the grades? Was it fair? Did you wanted to add in as well? Well, comment in the box below and let's going! Notice I didn't give this draft an overall grade because I hope you guys will help me out with it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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