49ers Quarterback Alex Smith on 95.7 the Game with Eric Davis

April 14, 2011; San Francisco CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith before the game between the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

On Thursday, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith joined Bay Area sports radio 95.7 The Game, with former Niner cornerback Eric Davis. I tuned in via their online stream in case Alex had anything interesting to say about the team.

The conversation started playfully with Davis throwing his radio mate, Brandon Tierney, under the bus. Davis said Brandon could run under a 5-second forty yard dash and then the topic went as far as a potential challenge between Tierney and 49ers left tackle Joe Staley.

Smith without hesitation said there is no way way he would beat Staley. "Joe might be the fastest lineman in the NFL," said the quarterback.

The conversation soon progressed toward new players and ongoing workouts. Davis wanted to bring the addition of Randy Moss to Smith's attention for some feedback:

"You're talking about a guy [Moss] that's been in a lot of locker rooms...he's a guy that's in here every morning, working hard every day. He's got a great sense of humor, he's humble...I mean, the guy can still run. And a target that big -- he makes you look good as far as quarterback goes"

They went on to talk about Moss' speed and if he is all there physically. Smith seemed genuinely impressed by Moss' freakish athleticism and speed at 49ers workouts. "No, he's running. We haven't clocked him but you can see it," Smith added.

It's also become public knowledge and exciting news for 49ers fans that Smith has taken the time to work specifically on his mechanics. Smith spoke about the additional offseason work, "It's something I've wanted to work on the past few offseasons but haven't had the opportunity. Whats wrong, whats good, whats bad, where you're strong, where you're weak...just better fundamentals."

In closing, Smith had this to say about 2012:

"Last year is not going to do anything for us this year. We've got to start over from scratch. Nobody is going to care that last year, your record was 13-3. And if anything, people are going to notice you have a target on your back."

A pretty realistic and pretty driven sentiment by the 49ers quarterback.

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