Every human being - including NFL players - is unique. We have unique compositions: physical. mental, and emotional. We all may be EQUAL in the eyes of our creator, but we are not all equal: physically, mentally, or emotionally. That very few athletes are gifted enough to play in the NFL proves this maxim. The same is true for intellectually gifted people who attend Ivy League schools or receive a PhD in Physics/Another Nerd degree. Emotionally gifted folks may become actors... or sociopaths. What these realities prove is we are not all equal in every way. These differences impact our lives and choices in life. They also predicate the length of our lives and the "Quality" of our lives.

Genetics is a powerful force. Genetics predicates our physical constitution and other aspects. Absolutely nothing can alter that. WHAT we are born with is fixed - immutable. WHO we are is a matter of the choices we make.

WHAT we are is primarily owed to genetics and cannot be changed. Many diseases and physical ailments are a direct result of our genetic composition. Genetics predisposes many people to diseases - congenital diseases and others. Additionally, genetics determines our physical differences: height, weight, hair and eye color, skin color etc... Genetics predisposes these physical traits. The cosmetic industry makes billions providing people the means to conceal WHAT they are. Medicine can do little to alter genetic composition/profile. Each of our physical differences often predicates our contracting; cancer, diabetes, heart problems, AND... mental ailments like Alzheimers, dementia, general intellect, and a host of peculiar mental and neurological ailments, are all contained in our genetic composition. I lost a wife to cancer. She carried a gene that doomed her. She did all she could to mitigate this disorder and failed. What happens as we age is largely a result of genetics. Genetics, as I mentioned above, are powerful.

The complaints currently circulating around the news regarding concussions and mental disorders (supposedly owed to playing football and the impacts of the game) are seen in people who never play football. What gives? How can that be? If concussions are the causal mechanism for these disorders, why are others who never played the game also afflicted with these conditions? They were genetically predisposed is the answer. The specific genes that predispose a person to the mental disorders (allegedly linked to concussions) are known; and identified. Playing football may, or may not, have contributed to some players contracting these disorders - aggravating the inevitable. But make no mistake... these ailments experienced by some football players would arise even if they never played a down - if they are genetically predisposed.

The legal complaints from former players and their lawyers is supposedly, to prevent others from suffering concussions. HOGWASH! Consider.... There is a risk of spinal chord injury playing football. Every player takes the field knowing the spinal cord risks. Players are paid very well (in part) for these risks - hazardous duty pay. They are additionally paid well for all the other risks that lurk on a football field. Players know these risks. These risks were known for decades.

However, some players are Un-Smart. The Un-Smart are a fact of life. Players who are Un-Smart owed to genetics will remain Un-Smart. Nothing can be done to change this. Un-Smart people make bad decisions. This too is unalterable when the Un-Smart are of legal age. When the Un-Smart squander the millions they earn playing in the NFL, they often don't understand why. They rejected advice to save and be frugal, but they spent the money anyway. Once broke... if someone offers them a chance for another payday, they will pounce. This is what is happening now.

Lawyers see an opportunity to fleece the Un-Smart and set the stage for future income. Lawyers will make the lions' share of the money in this head injury nonsense. Those who are suffering from genetically predisposed mental disorders, and the very few who have legitimate complaints, will not see much money. The Un-Smart are unaware of this fact. The Un-Smart believe they will receive millions. Oh well...

So players took the field knowing the many and varied health risks that come from playing football. They signed the contract knowing these risks. In my opinion, the motivation here is simple greed and another factor... Life after football is dull. This head injury flim-flam provides former players one last day in the limelight, and, potentially, a payday. Is it any wonder why more and more former players are signing up for a chance at an interview, sympathy, and a payday? I want to know what their Wonderlic test score were. I'd like to know if they carry the genes that predispose them to these medical disorders.

The facts are those players who are genetically predisposed would likely suffer from the physical ailments they have regardless. Genetics predisposed them to suffer. Others (who never played football) suffer from the same ailments - but they will never get a big payday, an interview, or much sympathy. They live their lives in anonymity. Genetics provides the answers to what caused their ailments and many of the NFL player's ailments?

I am not one to suffer fools. The stupid are what they are and they place huge demands upon society. The roles of the indigent are cock-a-block with stupid people. The majority of the taxes we pay goes to providing the stupid a monthly check, rent money, health insurance, and a host of government programs. This does not include the criminal justice systems costs brought by the stupid. Caring for the stupid is very expensive. Add greed to stupidity and the mixture is exponentially costly. The NFL is learning this lesson.

The NFL needs to defend itself against these charlatan lawyers and attack this problem "Head On". Risks abound on a football field. Everyone knows physical impacts associated with football are RISKY! There were no unknown health risks germane to playing football -- then, or now. Every player who is claiming football related concussions caused their disorder should be examined for the genes that predispose a person to the allegedly Concussion Related disorders.

Spinal cord injuries are much more severe and problematic than concussion related "issues", and players agreed to take those elevated risks. Who believes they would walk away from millions of dollars because there MIGHT be a chance of long term health problems due to concussions? I for one think every player now complaining (and suing) would happily sign a contract knowing the concussion risks are/were present.

STOP IT!! Stop trying to ruin a game we love.. Others who never received an NFL salary find a way to live happy and productive lives suffering from the same ailments. I don't feel sorry one bit for former NFL players who blew the salaries they earned, or want another day in the limelight. We watched the NFL games and respected you because you were tough guys. Please, for the sake of past memories, stop acting like.... Accept this set back as you would any other not related to football complaint. Geeeez! Every years it seems another rule is added to "make players safer". IF you want safe, play soccer. Leave the NFL alone!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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