49ers UDFA's: Kourtnei Brown's Physique Resembles Aldon Smith

May 29, 2012; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers free agent linebacker Kourtnei Brown (48) during organized team activities at the San Francisco 49ers training facility. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

I came across a picture of former Clemson defensive end and current 49ers OLB Kourtnei Brown donning the same #48 that Aldon Smith wore during last year's training camp. Maybe it was the number, maybe it was the sleeves, but Brown sure did remind me of Smith in the way he's built.

They are of similar size on paper, too. Brown is listed at 6'6" 255lbs, although I've seen him listed at 6'5" elsewhere and have yet to find the official Senior Bowl measurement (or another official measurement). Meanwhile, Aldon Smith is listed at 6'4" 258lbs. Both are long framed, long legged guys with good upper-body strength.

The obvious hope is that Brown has even a fraction of what Smith has in terms of rushing the passer, although he faces long odds to make this jam-packed roster. While size and build aren't nearly the only things that make a player who they are, it was an interesting similarity.

Jim Harbaugh was recently asked about the similarity, too. After the jump, Harbaugh's comments and some photos of Brown and Aldon wearing #48.

One of your undrafted guys, LB Kourtnei Brown, bears a visual appearance to LB Aldon Smith. Does he have any similar traits besides his body frame and position?

Well, position, there's some similarities in size. And I'm not going to make a comparison with Aldon Smith at this point and Kourtnei. Somebody would get diminished there and I think I know who it would be. So, he's doing fine. Kourtnei's doing just fine and will keep progressing.

What do you like about him?

I like the size, the stature on him, the athletic ability. I like his attitude out here and I like the way he works. So, there's a lot to like there and we'll just keep trying to build every day.

First, Brown:


The next two are of Aldon Smith:



All photos property of the 49ers

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