Open letter to Aldon Smith


You and I dont share much at all in common.. you're from a completely different social background, you stand to make more in one year than I will in a life time, have already seen and experienced more than I have in a decade and youre still just a young rookie.

I know you'll come out and say the right things, apologies to all and how you're just fortunate to play the game and you know that it could end at any time. Fans will slap each other on the back and say you've learned your lesson etc etc. You have a great future, and my team (with you on it) has finally shown the rays of greatness that we once took forgranted in the past glory years. I will continue to cheer you on as I did last year.

But Dude, I think by the time you hit 50, I will have more money than you. I think you're going to continue to make dumb decisions like having huge parties at your mansion.. which is great and Im sure one hell of a good time with loads of babes and the whole bit. But even if you dont ever get stabbed again or shot or somehow otherwise injured to the point it cuts your career short, someone else surely will. I dont know if you're really tight with the 2 guys who got shot, but here's hoping for you that they dont cash in on their big settlement payday long before you get your big post-rookie contract. Or someone under heavy influence of mind altering substance falls in your giant pool or off a balcony. Im sure its awesome being a huge guy with a fat wallet, but that white tshirt with a red circle stretched over those giant shoulders and back, makes a pretty big target too.

Pac man Jones just spoke at the rookie talk to last week. I remember some brief article about him, Vince Young and Lendale White (rem him? Who?) making some millionaires club together early in their careers. Im sure they all figured that was just the beginning, each retiring after a 15 year career with 1/2 a billion in the bank.

I wonder how in depth he got with those new rookies all about how much fun that strip club was while he was makin it rain (then picking up the money, cheap bastard).. and how he now gets to make $11 million rain on the 2 guys that got shot at the end of the night. Think he's gonna make much more than that now, in the fading part of his career?

Hope it doesn't turn out like that you AS, but Im thinking you're on your way to being an example for the rookie draft class of 2020 or something like that.

I would attach some flippant poll about this, but its really not all that funny

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