49ers Schedule 2012: Updated Times, Dates

Earlier this week, the NFL announced plans to move 1:15pm PT kickoffs to 1:25pm PT. This would prevent many of the overlapping games that can screw up the viewing experience depending on your location. Given the change, I thought I'd re-post the 49ers 2012 schedule, reflecting the new times.

It is possible the 49ers schedule could see some additional changes before the season is out. The NFL has the option of flex scheduling, which allows it to move games into the Sunday Night Football schedule on NBC over the final seven weeks of the season. Over those final weeks, the 49ers have two prime time games against the Bears and Patriots. In looking over the rest of their closing schedule, it will be interesting to see which games are the FOX Game of the Week, as that might impact the NFL's choice of moving games to Sunday night.

The Saints and Seahawks are both possible candidates, but depending on how the season is going at that point, they could also be the FOX game of the week. The Rams could get bounced around as well if St. Louis is playing well, but I'm not holding my breath on that yet. The flex scheduling also allows for mixing games around on Sunday morning and afternoon, so we could see 10:00am and 1:05pm games moving around.

Week 1: @ Green Bay Packers - Sunday September 9, 1:25pm FOX

Week 2: vs. Detroit Lions - Sunday September 16, 5:20pm NBC

Week 3: @ Minnesota Vikings - Sunday September 23, 10:00am FOX

Week 4: @New York Jets - Sunday September 30, 10:00am FOX

Week 5: vs. Buffalo Bills - Sunday October 7, 1:25pm CBS

Week 6: vs. New York Giants - Sunday October 14, 1:25pm FOX

Week 7: vs. Seattle Seahawks - Thursday, October 18, 5:20pm NFL Network

Week 8: @ Arizona Cardinals - Monday October 29, 5:30pm ESPN

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs. St. Louis Rams - Sunday November 11, 1:25pm FOX

Week 11: vs. Chicago Bears - Monday November 19, 5:30pm ESPN

Week 12: @ New Orleans Saints - Sunday November 25, 1:25pm FOX

Week 13: @ St. Louis Rams - Sunday December 2, 10:00am FOX

Week 14: vs. Miami Dolphins - Sunday December 9, 1:05pm CBS

Week 15: @ New England Patriots - Sunday December 16, 5:20pm NBC

Week 16: @ Seattle Seahawks - Sunday December 23, 1:25pm FOX

Week 17: vs. Arizona Cardinals - Sunday December 30, 1:25pm FOX

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