Game-by-Game Outcome Predictions and Standings

I went through every game on the NFL schedule and predicted the outcome, added up the results, and posted the standings below. I have the game-by-game results in the linked spreadsheet. Division results and spreadsheet link after the jump.

So to begin, Green Bay once again ends up with the best record and the #1 seed in the NFL at 13-3. The 49ers finish 12-4 and get the #2 seed. Philly is 11-5 and is the #3 seed, followed by New Orleans winning a mediocre NFC South. Chicago puts in an impressive 12-4 record and is the #5 seed. Dallas edges out Washington for the #6 seed.

In the AFC, New England goes 12-4 and gets the #1 seed, courtesy of a win over Houston, who also goes 12-4 and gets the #2 seed. Baltimore goes 11-5 and gets the #3 seed, while Denver goes 10-6 to win the AFC West. Tennessee goes 11-5 for the #5 seed and Kansas City gets the #6 seed.

The Colts end up with the worst record and end up trading the Matt Barkley pick to Arizona, who was picking 3rd.

In the first round, (NFC) Philly beats Dallas and Chicago beats New Orleans, while in the AFC Baltimore destroys KC and the Broncos top the Titans. Divisional Round - Niners beat Philly, Chicago upsets Green the AFC, Denver upsets New England (Manning at full speed) while Houston exacts revenge on Baltimore for 2011.

Championship Games: Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos @ Houston Texans.

Super Bowl: San Francisco 49ers vs Houston Texans. Winner: San Francisco 49ers

I appreciate any feedback and discussion; the linked spreadsheet should generate discussion about individual outcomes.

Team Wins Losses
American Football Conference (AFC)
AFC East Team
New England Patriots 12 4
Buffalo Bills 8 8
New York Jets 6 10
Miami Dolphins 6 10
AFC North Team
Baltimore Ravens 11 5
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 8
Cincinnati Bengals 7 9
Cleveland Browns 4 12
AFC South Team
Houston Texans 12 4
Tennessee Titans 11 5
Jacksonville Jaguars 4 12
Indianapolis Colts 3 13
AFC West Team
Denver Broncos 10 6
Kansas City Chiefs 9 7
San Diego Chargers 8 8
Oakland Raiders 7 9
National Football Conference (NFC)
NFC East Team
Philadelphia Eagles 11 5
Washington Redskins 9 7
Dallas Cowboys 9 7
New York Giants 8 8
NFC North Team
Green Bay Packers 13 3
Chicago Bears 12 4
Detroit Lions 7 9
Minnesota Vikings 4 12
NFC South Team
New Orleans Saints 9 7
Carolina Panthers 8 8
Atlanta Falcons 7 9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 12
NFC West Team
San Francisco 49ers 12 4
Seattle Seahawks 8 8
St. Louis Rams 5 11
Arizona Cardinals 4 12
NFC Seeds
1. Green Bay
2. San Francisco
3. Philadelphia
4. New Orleans
5. Chicago
6. Dallas
AFC Seeds
1. New England
2. Houston
3. Baltimore
4. Denver
5. Tennessee
6. Kansas City
NFL Draft Order
1. Indianapolis
2. Jacksonville
3. Arizona
4. Cleveland
5. Minnesota
6. Tampa Bay

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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