NFL Network: All-Pro LB NaVorro Bowman on 49ers New-Look Offense

July 28, 2012; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman (53) during training camp at the 49ers practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman spoke to Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network from Santa Clara on Thursday. Like many of the San Francisco players to speak up this offseason, Bowman discussed the new-look offense, particularly the addition of Randy Moss.

Bowman has emerged as a major player in this league and could be in for a bigger year in his second as a starter. The 49ers All-Pro linebacker knows a thing or two about judging offensive competition, as he's become elite even when it comes to stopping some of the best.

On Randy Moss:

You know, he talks trash here and there but he's a great guy. Everyone around the league who's been in football knows about Randy Moss, so you know, we're excited about having him on our team.

Bowman acknowledged the presence Moss has on game day, and the effect he has on opposing defenses even before the opening kickoff. He knows that having dynamic players at wide receiver makes this a more dangerous football team.

On the receiving threats:

Well, you know, just hearing him [Moss] being talked about on other teams, and the defense's scouting report, it scares them. So, we're exciting about having him outside on the edge giving us another threat and having [Mario] Manningham also. You know, he's done a great job showing us what he has, and the offense has just done a good job getting him the ball and utilizing all the weapons we have on that side of the ball.

The mantra lives: iron sharpens iron.

With this new-look offense in full-swing, the 49ers defense should prove to be the benefactor -- and vice versa. The 49ers defense played fast in 2011, but now the other side of the ball has a chance to catch up. They added a lot of speed and game-breaking ability, and with another year in the system for most players, San Francisco's offense should be able to pick up the tempo.

2012 should be an exciting year for the offense as the 49ers look to distribute the football quite a bit. Considering the versatility they have when it comes to skill set, San Francisco should be able utilize all of their weapons and perhaps become a top 10-15 unit this season. And it comes full circle: this offense partnered with the league's top defense could be a recipe for success.

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