Golden Nuggets: Kyle Williams Excels, Great Expectations

Happy Anniversary to me. Well....and my wife, too. Both of us woke up this morning and went about our business, blissfully unaware. We both would have realized it once we saw the date at work, but we've been so busy getting back into the swing of things here in Australia, oblivious to the minutia. Then, embarrassingly enough, we each got a text from our good friend, wishing us a happy you-know-what and we were both a bit sheepish.... such is life.

As for the real world...the world of the Nuggets...

Everyday is important, but the 49ers cannot escape their big expectations...and big dreams. Preparation and hard work is the way to make said dreams come true according to Coach Harbaugh. | Big-picture expectations don't change the 49ers approach. (Maiocco)

Barrows give us his notes from day 5. His favorite 'event', the linebackers' hands drill, took place with dropped passes resulting in pushups. First time throught he drill everyone caught their pass. He also singles out Kyle Williams as the standout of the day. | Barrows' notes: which LBs passed the hands test? (Barrows)

Chris Culliver and Mario Manningham have been going back and forth since last year, but Culliver insists there is no bad blood between them. Competition brings out the best in everyone, right? | Culliver says there's no bad blood with Manningham. (Barrows)

Frank Gore has always worked hard to get where he's at. This year he'll have to work extra hard to fend off the added competition that's been brought in at RB. | Gore won't rest on his laurels. (Press Democrat)'s Adam Schein thinks the 49ers can win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith under center. He considers one of the 4 best teams in football. I love it when the national media is on board. | Schein busting myths. (

The team spent yesterday working on third down drills. Great! I know the coaches address everything under the sun, but it's good to see last years biggest weakness given a good workout. Alex Smith completed his first four passes in the drill to 4 different receivers. | Inman's practice notes: 3rd down addressed. (Inman)

The passing game reigned supreme as the ball rarely touched the ground in the first half hour of practice. Randy Moss vs Carlos Rogers is a treat to watch and Smith completed a long one down the sidelines. | Practice report: passing game looking good. (SF Gate)

Christian Gin's notes on today's practice state that the receivers stood out. A.J. Jenkins caught most everything thrown his way and Kyle Williams was the best on the field. Perrish Cox struggled in one-on-one coverage. | Gin's training camp notes: day 5. (Gin)

More praise for Williams, this time from Matt Maiocco. He notes that the WR made some great catches, but also pulled A.J. Jenkins aside to give him some explanations after the younger receiver caught some grief from a coach for not running a route crisply. | Maiocco's camp notes: Williams steps up. (Maiocco)

Yahoo! Sports details NaVorro Bowman's rise from rookie reserve, to filling Takeo Spikes' shoes when the team allowed him to walk, to becoming an All-Pro. Don't forget, he's got twins at home...It'll be a busy year for young Bowman. | Bowman looking to build on last years success. (Yahoo! Sports)

The 49ers new additions at WR are not just helping the offense, their helping the secondary prepare for this coming season. We face the top 4 receivers in yardage from last season (I hadn't seen that figure before) and they need the upgraded WR corps for the competition in practice. | New WRs providing lessons, competition for secondary. (Branch)

Grant Cohn also singles out Kyle Williams for his stellar work in yesterday's practice. Also of note was Dashon Goldson picking off a pass deflected from Frank Gore's hands before Gore levelled him. Ooohhhs were in order. | Training camp report: the good - Kyle Williams and more. (Cohn)

Cohn singles out Perrish Cox for getting beaten today. He had been decent as the nickel corner, while faltering on the outside, but today he failed to spot people on the inside. | The not-so-good - sorting out the CB depth chart. (Cohn)

A.J. Jenkins was yelled at in practice, as mentioned above. Cohn has an article on it. What's funny is the absolute hatred coming out of the comment section. They're the highlight. | Jenkins frustrates coach in practice. (Cohn)

Barrows notes that the DBs on the roster are getting embarrassed regularly by Moss, but are relishing the opportunity to get schooled by one of the greats, so that it won't happen come game time. | Moss popular among wideouts and receivers. (Barrows)

Cam Inman has the transcript from his interview with Kyle Williams. You gotta like Williams more and more. He's doing everything he can to get better and has said and done all the right things since that fateful day when our dreams slipped through his hands. | Inman's interview with Kyle Williams. (Inman)

NaVorro Bowman gives his thoughts on the scandal at Penn State. I didn't realize that he graduated in only three years. That's amazing! | Bowman saddened by Penn St scandal. (Maiocco)

Grant Cohn has the transcript from the Vic Fangio interview from yesterday, (Cohn)

Alex Boone has been picking Leonard Davis' brain. No, he's not a zombie, but a young player trying to learn from the all-pro veteran. Playing interior line is like fighting in a phone booth, according to a quote in the article and Boone acknowledges that. | Alex Boone learning from Leonard Davis. (CBS Sports)

Here's some quotes from NaVorro Bowman and Carlos Rogers about the upcoming season. Bowman is still learning and Rogers is excited about the defense. Vic Fangio says there's still work to be done. | Bowman continues to learn, Rogers excited for the defense. (Gin)

Training camp report: Aug 1. (

Video: Matt and Mindi - Crabtree injury and the battle for right guard. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Top-notch safety tandem. (

Video: Press pass: Vic Fangio. (

Video: Press pass: NaVorro Bowman. (

Video: Press pass: Carlos Rogers. ( Podcast: Better Rivals. (

And, finally, in a nice touch for the boys, celebrity chef Guy Fieri was on hand on Wednesday to cook for them. There's an unrelated video about the preseason for your enjoyment as well. | Celebrity chef cooking lunch for the Niners. (SB Nation)

So, above it mentioned that the 49ers face the top 4 receivers last year in yardage. Does anyone know who it is without looking at the article? Tough one, but you've got the big clue of knowing our schedule. No cheating!

Being a Sheep

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