Refs and Defense look clueless in Denver.

Wow, what a game. First there was a fumble from Tolzien, that ended up being magically recovered by the 49ers, challenged by Denver, but was an unchallengeable play. The refs did the right thing by assessing a 15 yard penalty....we know this is true because Harbs was called for that last year in the Detroit game. Then the refs picked up the flag and made it 4th down again....The FG was made a second time but the damage was done...these refs suck, they really do. I still don't understand why the flag was picked up, but oh well.

Pass Interference is being called as often as offensive holding. They seem to call it when there isn't and don't when there is. Just pay the real refs before the start of the season.....Please.

Manning destroyed the 49ers defense that was without a few starters, not a good thing but it was Manning. The 49er offense was OK to say the least. They started the game with a 5 yard loss on a run play and Smith had a bad snap get away for a turnover. The pass to VD for a 44 yard TD was a thing of beauty. Not bad for a "Vanilla" offensive strategy. Von Miller didn't have a big day with only 2 tackles to show for. Anthony Davis held his own and the offensive line did well. Now to my points.

Tramaine Brock had a monster game of tackles with 6. He made those tackle because he was consistently being destroyed by Manning and his back-ups. Brock had his second bad game in a row, no, it was horrible. They only keep Brock because they need a 5th CB...but he is the 5th CB.

Josh many times can he over throw a wide open receiver? It can't bode well for him to have Tolzien come back into the game to run the clock out. I can't see the 49ers keeping JJ over Tolzien.

Anthony (Boobie) Dixon will be on the 53 man roster.....but not the 49ers. He ran well but there is no room for him. The only way he makes the cut is if they cut Jacobs. While Boobie has looked good at times, Jacobs has looked even better.

Kyle Williams better make this team. Not only did he look great out there as a WR, he did a good job returning Punts. It is time to put away the hurt feelings of last year and see the potential of this guy. Go Kyle.

If Harbaugh was suffering from a headache last week he has a migraine this week. These know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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