Press Pass: 49ers QB Alex Smith on Preseason Week 1 and Ted Ginn Jr.

July 28, 2012; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) during training camp at the 49ers practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers held press conferences again today from training camp in Santa Clara. Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith and David Akers all spoke, with a futile but comical attempt by Joe Staley.

The 49ers starting quarterback talked about his approach heading into the first preseason game, which is Friday evening at Candlestick Park. Smith is gearing up to face the Vikings, and is excited for some fresh competition. This will be Smith's first attempt at some mixed competition this league year.

Smith will start, but most should expect him to be one and done, granted the 49ers offense doesn't go three-and-out. If that is the case, Harbaugh might let Smith have another go -- but we shouldn't be surprised to see Smith head to the bench early.

The 49ers are set on Smith being the starter and would like their other three competing quarterbacks see some significant reps. Follow me after the jump for Smith's comments on his approach to tomorrow night's game, as well as his notes on Ted Ginn Jr.

On Friday's Week 1 preseason game vs. Minnesota:

To go out there and execute. Yeah, I don't know when, how long I'm going to play, when I'm going to get pulled out but I'm going to go out there an try to execute every single play I get. Make the most of the opportunity and yeah, keep playing until they pull me out.

To get the work, for sure. To just be out there on the football field, like I said, going against someone else. You know, when you're going against our defense, you're seeing the same looks a lot of times, how they're playing and all of a sudden we're going against somebody new. And you have the unknown factor, you don't know what they're going to do, how they're going to play you, and you have to make those adjustments on the fly and sometimes you just got to go through it, have a little trial and error. So it will be good to get in game situations and work through those things.

On top of Smith's self-analysis going into Week 1, he had some nice things to say about Ted Ginn Jr. The 49ers receiver who returned on a one-year deal has bulked up and appears serious about a role as a wide receiver. He's impressed this offseason, so much so that he will be starting for the 49ers tomorrow at Candlestick Park when the Niners host the Vikings.

On Ted Ginn Jr.:

I just think he looks really sharp. He's got the speed, everybody knows that but I really feel like he continues to work on the little things -- the little things as a receiver. Really precise route-running so far in camp, making a lot of plays with the ball in the air, has made a lot of tough catches, you know, coming back to the football. Those are things that I see, and combine that with his speed, I think he's had a great camp so far.

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