We're gonna be 18-0.

Ok, Im pretty sure thats not gonna happen and I think I wouldnt even want it to happen. Can you imagine the hype taking over at the end of the season?

But watching the games this weekend makes me pretty confident that it is definitely a possibility. There were some absolute stinker performances this week that sheds more light on the success or lack of from last week for a number of teams.

Our talent at the very least matches up with everyone, the trump being our coaching staff. Here's my take on the teams that will figure into our future this season, either scheduled or possible playoff/superbowl matchups.

Ill start in our division

Seattle v Dallas: Seattle looks like the team most of us figured. I think they looked better than they really are and I also think Dallas overlooked them. The parts i saw of this game, Seattle had jumped up early and Dallas had to play catch up but at least early on moved the ball well. Seattle at home is the only worry here. I will be cheering on the 9ers this year at Century Field, hopefully I get out alive. Dallas looks tough if they feel like showing up, but thats the story every year.

Washington v St Louis: Rams look just good enough to lose by 7 to us in a tough fought game. Not to be overlooked by the guys playing the games, but really there is nothing to see here. Washington's Baylor game plan is gonna be played out after week 5. Anyone heard from Josh Morgan? O ya, he's the dude that pretty much blew the game. Kudos

Arizona v New England: This game was horrible. Pats D looked pathetic and all the gushing over the new D by all commentators last week looks premature. There is no way that Arizona is this good offensively, D wise they looked decent, but like Seattle, only threat is the game in AZ. Arizona is the worst 2-0 team, I would say of all time, but that brings us to

Philly V Baltimore: Philly is the luckiest/worst team to be 2-0. Tough D but Vick is going to miss time soon and maybe that will be a good thing. Who's the backup again? This is a tough out at Philly still, but Balt let them have that game with a bow on top. Speaking of Baltimore, win a big (non division) game on the road and maybe I'll start to worry. The Superbowl isnt in Baltimore and we are simply gonna gut you if you make it there.

NO v Carolina: I was so wrong about Cam Newton. That is gonna be a really tough game, I think we're gonna see them in the playoffs. No to NO, you are done already.

TB v NY Giants: I watched small bits of this game, mostly on the 8 game mix on Sunday Ticket. Lots of big plays, cant tell if its great offense or just bad tackling and poor assignments for both teams on D?

NY Jets v Pitt: Pitt looked old last week, ok this week. Jets looked great last week, ok this week. I have seen the enemy and.. well its not either of these two..

Denver v Atlanta: will be an interesting game. Just as I have to reluctantly give props to Newton, Payton looks pretty flippin sharp, at least after one game.

Beginning of the season is really hard to get a feel for who is good and who just played the right team at the right time. Teams that looked like 10s week one looked like dogs this week, its always fun to see exactly who will separate from the great unwashed. I dont see anyone taking us down now though.

Post your thoughts on these games, I only watched the 9er game straight through and probably missed major things on the rest of these games. I would like to hear what teams you think are the biggest threats coming up!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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