The Dysfunctional and Uncivil Viking Prediction Thread

The 49ers have played two games with two wins this season - and the Team is just warming up. It's great to be a Forty-Effing-Niners fan again!!!

My previous predictions for the 49ers playing in Green Bay game came true - (Mostly). The few "misses" I had are owed to considerable, Kharmatic Confusion that occurred thanks to the negative, and unsupportive, comments made from another NN poster here who shall remain as anonymous as his tag name that is the product of the 2nd string QB from the Green NYC NFL team and a sport that uses pins and balls…. HURTFUL ;)

I missed the Detroit game due to work duties - but this coming Viking game is gonna be a doozy! So, sit right back as I don my Nostra-Dumb-Ass personae and perform a perfunctory prognostication - purposefully.

The Minnesota Vikings are not a very good team. I'm wondering if Jason Allen is glad he moved there? Sure, Adrian Peterson runs well - when well. However, he is recently showing us what made him famous in college - a knack to get injured - a lot. Adrian may be the best RB in the league, but he must play regularly to receive credit. Plus, I think he is worried about his "Steve Austin" knees. When a knee is repaired as many times as his, that knee is a source of concern; for him, his coaches, and his opponents. A body needs to heal. When recovery is rushed, the chances for relapse are higher - just a fact. When Steve Austin knees that are not adequately healed meet the 49er front seven - that knee gets weak - and nervous - and hit; repeatedly.

Advantage - 49er Defense.

Other than A. Peterson and the Chris Ponder, few of the Viking offensive "Weapons" are known to me. So I looked them up. The one familiar name I found was Percy(Brett Favre made me famous)Harvin. Sadly, like A. Peterson, Percy is another human potato chip. He can't stay healthy. This season Percy has shown signs of mediocrity against the perennial powerhouses: Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars. 18 catches for 188 yards. The TE Kyle Rudolf also made 8 catches for 112 yards. Then, Toby Gerhart caught my eye. He's a former Stanford player - that's good. His playing at Stanford means Coach Harbaugh holds a mystical power over him. Toby will do nothing to upset Coach Harbaugh. None of these Weapons have been tested or played against a real NFL team this season. The 49er defense will remedy that missing element and make certain their stats are brought back to earth. (Truth is this team lost to a Colts team with no Freeney or Angerer-er .They beat a dreadful Jaguars team that is playing like it wants to repeat as #1 come draft day 2013.) Neither Luck nor Gabbert are Aaron Rogers or Matt Stafford.

Advantage 49ers.

The Viking defense can be summed up rather quickly. Looking at the Viking defensive stats I saw a notable trend - a rookie QB - Luck and/or Blaine Gabbert (Yes THAT Blaine Gabbert) both threw for 2 TDs and 250 yards. Rushing - MJD, who has been goofing off since January ran for 88 yards against the Vikings. That Allen guy may get a sack, but, all things considered, I predict the Viking D will spend a lot of time on the field - too much time on the field. They will get tired. Tired leads to mistakes. Those mistakes will cause them to spend even more time on the field - not good - for them! Conversely, the 49ers are improving weekly - they are looking "better" each offensive series. The defense is so good - it appears Coach Fangio effs with them. He tries sets that makes no sense and do not apply all the talent. It's like Fangio is trying to test them under the worst circumstances. Rushing 3? Are you kidding me? WTF - Over? When he turns them loose, the opposing QB makes a high pitched squeaky noise; then throws the ball away in a hurry. Remember when the commentators couldn't figure out WHY Matt Stafford didn't make the easy passes last night? It was clear to me Matt was afraid. His eyes darted like a condemned man. Matt was not prepared to get injured again - so, when the Niner D got close; he threw the ball - away - or early – into the stands... It didn’t matter to Matt. He knew he would not meet Justin Smith like he did last year. His pants were clearly soiled when he left the game. Chris Ponder has not met the 49er defense. I know they want to meet him, but wonder if that feeling is mutual. I suspect Chris will play coy and do his best to avoid that meeting. Fortunately, the 49er defense is persistent. They will go out of their way to assure Chris is greeted properly… warmly… with open arms. That meeting will surely impress Chris. I doubt he will forget it soon. It’s likely Chris will be impacted in a way that leaves a lasting memory.

Alex Smith made some significant improvements last night. He kept drives alive. He took shots. He kept his No-Interception streak alive. Mike Crabtree is also playing inspired football; like a quality veteran. He too made plays when it mattered. All the team did. This team's play reminded me of days gone by - when I KNEW the outcome of the game before hand. V Davis noted it. (Pssst! Even the normally pithy and contemptuous MEDIA analysts noted it.) I have not seen as complete a team since the early 1980s.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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