49ers vs. Packers: Week 1 Concerns for San Francisco Fans

Aug 18, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh yells at field judge Lance Easley against the Houston Texans in the second quarter at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

For the most part, I like to spread optimism and hope within the 49ers fan base. Even with such a fierce opponent on the horizon, I'm on record as predicting a 49ers road victory at Lambeau Field.

However, as we close out the exhibition and near the regular season, I have some growing concerns.

Mind you, San Francisco is traveling to Green Bay to take on the Packers who went 14-1 with Aaron Rodgers behind center. Without a lot of added variables, the Niners have an unfavorable match-up to start the 2012 season. Unfortunately, there are a few outside concerns I'd like to highlight regarding the Week 1 match-up.

For my concerns outlining this game, follow me after the jump.

Injury Report

This offseason, the 49ers roster has stood out to me as delicate. It seemed like everyday, every preseason game, a new injury arose out of thin air. Understandably, football is a physical sport and injuries are expected, but the frequency was a bit concerning.

The Niners have a number of players returning from injury and some still on the mend. There are still some questions surrounding who will be suiting up and who will not. The good news for San Francisco is they've established depth, so they should be able to field a team capable of taking out Green Bay.

The concerns extend into the game as well. Will the 49ers injury-proneness continue into the regular season?

Replacement Refs

It's terribly bothersome that the NFL has not budged on this issue. The urgency this matter necessitates just isn't present for some reason. We have all witnessed -- including the NFL commissioner -- the handfuls of absolutely astonishing blunders by this replacement staff.

Whether they are not calling something, or calling something that didn't happen, they have found a way to put an asterisk next to each preseason game.

In my opinion, the bout set to take place between the 49ers and Packers is too close for this sort of porous officiating. It's almost a certainty that mistakes will be made and it will cost one of the teams, and there is a 50% chance it costs San Francisco.

Listening to what Merril Hoge says about the pass interference calls, and considering the way the 49ers and Packers play football, bad calls are bound to take place. And it will likely hurt San Francisco because the Rodgers is going to go to the air 40-plus times. And with the Niners running the football, I'm expecting a bad holding call or two.

The 49ers may be able to endure their game against the Miami Dolphins with this officiating staff, but the Packers are a different animal all together -- one bad call here or there could alter the final result of this football game.

Packers Mentality

This is a frustrated football team, who, despite having the best regular season record in 2011, lost to the Wild Card New York Giants, at home no less. Green Bay has arguably one of the best teams in football, largely due to their quarterback, and they are motivated coming off a disappointing end to last year.

The 49ers will be their first chance to take out their frustrations on an opponent.

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