The Pay-A-Ton Manning Saga

I do not like the John Elway
It makes me smile to see him pay
A cocky snarky arrogant jerk
His getting screwed is just deserts
Elway turned on the Timmy Tebow - after Tim played his all and gave Denver a winning season. Elways disloyalty and insurmountable ego are two traits that need a clubbing. Pay-A-Ton Manning may be that lesson.

I ran the numbers on the Manning when I heard reports his passes were not crisp and bordered on flutter balls. They were. All three interceptions were mid-range passes - 20 yards +/-. After the 3rd pick, the passing game was relegated to West Coast style shorter passes. A strong running effort by McGahee kept Denver in the game. Even with the short passes Manning was sacked 3X in the second half. Manning would historically pass for 300 plus yards to recover from mistakes - he reached 250. He threw only one short TD pass. The Falcons kept him ineffective.

The inability to throw mid range passes is a worrisome sign. Neck injuries linger - I know I have one. Strenuous, long term effort will cause a relapse everytime in my experience. Manning's neck was not exposed in camp or the preseason. He has played only one game, and his performance is not looking good. This may indicate his neck is not healed and may never be healed. Manning did not refute reporters questions after the loss - in fact he encouraged their thinking his arm strength is Iffy by turning their question back at them. Reliance on a West Coast offense is not Manning's game.

Manning is due to earn 18 million this year and guaranteed 40 million over the next two. Guaranteed! Say what you will about Jim Irsay - he is a smart businessman. He will break rules when needs be. He will not squander money either. I'm thinking he knows Manning's neck is shot. I'm also thinking he reached an agreement with Manning to keep quiet about the extent of his injury - so Manning could land a big payday as long as Manning didn't make a scene about being traded.

Only time will tell if Manning is done. What to look for - few if anny long passes. Manning rubbing his arm on the sidelines. Manning sitting out games to heal. More flutter balls - interceptions.

I will miss Manning and I'm happy that he chose Denver to get paid. Tim Tebow needn't be traded. He would happily sit and learn from a Master - Manning. Tebow could fill in and give Manning breaks during the game/season. But no... Elway's ego would not permit it. He wanted a QB like HIMSELF! Elway traded Tebow for spite - and to show HE didn't need Tebow. That trade will likely come back to haunt him. If Manning's neck is not healed and never will heal - Denver could use Tebow. The class act Tebow thanked Denver and Elway for the opportunity. Elway's arrogance and personnel decisions are about to backfire. John Elway is a (insert appropriate adjective and/or noun for a boundless ego and disloyal backstabbing jerk) If this plays out badly - it will add to the growing lore that Harbaugh knows what he is doing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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