Monkeying around - Week 3 Predictions

This has been one crazy week for me. Didn't get back home till Thursday night; needless to say that has created havoc in some of my FF teams. Plus, I left the monkeys in the care of a Lions fan. Boy are they mad. And very contrarian.

Haven't had much time since I got home; for some reason my wife and kids wanted to spend "quality" time and work insisted I either come back or don't get paid. Sheesh. Haven't had time to tally totals, so I will apologize now and have them in my Week 4 predictions. My predictions after the jump.

New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers - Too late to predict on this. What happened to Cam?

My Prediction: I will get back from hunting sooner in the future. Monkey's prediction: We will leave a surprise in your bed.

St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears - Rams are starting to solidify, Bears are falling apart. Cutler has QB skills, but I think his lack of good leadership will hurt them badly.

My Prediction: St. Louis Rams Monkey's prediction: Chicago Bears

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns - If Cleveland can learn to win the close games, they will become a force. However, I think the Bills in week 2 represents them far better than the Week 1 team

My Prediction: Buffalo Bills Monkey's prediction: Cleveland Browns

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys - Cowboys are embarrassed over last week's game, and look for redemption this game.

My Prediction: Dallas Cowboys Monkey's prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts - What is Jacksonville going to do with the #1 draft pick next season?

My Prediction: Indianapolis Colts Monkey's prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins - Blah blah lick Tebow's feet blah blah kiss Jets....oh, sorry, was practicing for that ESPN job.

My Prediction: New York Jets Monkey's Prediction: Miami Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings - Nice young up and coming Vikings team; AP looks pretty good. Unfortunately meets the team on a mission. Potential trap game, but in Harbaugh I trust.

My Prediction: San Francisco 49ers Monkey's prediction: Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs @ New Orleans Saints - Saints look lost. Chiefs look bad. Both need a win this week but there can be only one...winner.

My Prediction: New Orleans Saints Monkey's prediction: Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans - Lions will do the same thing to the Titans that the Packers did to the Bears...though with less discipline.

My Prediction: Detroit Lions Monkey's prediction: Tennessee Titans

Cincinnati Bengals @ Washington Redskins - RGIII will have a letdown game. That, or the Refs screw things up even more.

My Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals Monkey's prediction: Washington Redskins

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals - This will be a one-point game, and prove that the NFC West is a force to be reckoned with. (Anyone ever think we'd say that?)

My Prediction: Arizona Cardinals Monkey's prediction: Philadelphia Eagles

Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers - Let me say it now...I was wrong about the Falcons. And the Chargers. Potential barn-burner here. However, Atlanta proved they can plan to disrupt any offense with what they did to Denver.

My Prediction: Atlanta Falcons Monkey's prediction: San Diego Chargers

Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos - The first true test of the Texans. Peyton knows the old Texans, but not the new and improved version. I think the Texans are the second-most complete team in the NFL and will show it against the Broncos.

My Prediction: Houston Texans Monkey's prediction: Denver Broncos

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders - How many rushing yards did Oakland have last week with McFadden? It's time for Carson Palmer to retire again...this time for good.

My Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers Monkey's prediction: Oakland Raiders

New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens - I think this comes down to who has the ball last. Brady likes to keep the ball last. Shame too; I really like the Ravens and am still rooting for a Har-Bowl.

My Prediction: New England Patriots Monkey's prediction: Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks - What, another good Monday night game? I think Seattle whupped the Cowboys too hard (BTW Seattle, much appreciated, anyone who whups on the Cowboys deserve Kudos) and Green Bay will be prepared. Just look at the disruption the Pack did to Chicago's offense.

My Prediction: Green Bay Packers Monkey's prediction: Seattle Seahawks

As always, anyone else's predictions are appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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