Sunday bloody Sunday

Well that sucked. Losing sucks enough, but seeing Patrick Willis and Isaac Sopoaga limping off the field was not good. Watching a team like Minnesota manhandle the 49ers brought back visions of, well, recent teams not including 2011. Follow after the jump so I can talk you down from the ledge you are perched on.

I am glad the 49ers lost. This is not blasphemy. I am a fan, which is short for fanatic. I love this team probably more than I love my least during the season. I just feel that they needed a loss to get back on show them that they are not all that the power rankings tell them they are. Lombardi said "No loss is a good loss." He was a pretty good coach, but I stand by my statement: I am glad they lost.

Too much talk this week about the 49ers having so much depth, and that dominate defense. Oh, and the offense is improving with a "new" Alex Smith. All week nobody gave the poor Vikings a point dogs at home. Ouch. I know they have A.P. and some dude named Jared Allen, but they are not on the same level as the 49ers. No way, no how.

Today, they were better.

They pushed the 49ers around. They were tougher. They utilized their skill players better. Dare I say they out coached the 49er staff.....They played with eight men in the box. A lot. Go ahead Alex. Throw the ball. Still they faltered. The 49ers were out the crew said in the FOX broadcast a couple times.

Freddy P. Soft snuck onto the plane ride from the Bay. Freddy P. came in and made himself at home at the hotel. Freddy P. Soft rode the bus to the Metrodome. For one of the few times under Harbaugh's heavy glare, the team was not prepared.

They had moments.....the offense started fast in the second half.....but Minnesota's coaches countered. The 49ers fell behind and could not play their style of smash mouth. They got predictable. They were human instead of mortals. I am glad.

Moving forward, you can bet that Harbs will not let that happen again. He will watch the tape and see his mighty men were, well, not mighty. This league has a way of evening the score sometimes...they call it parity......but this one should not have been close.

49ers by 7. On the road. Betting line provided by Freddy P.

Look for a better 49er team next week against the Jets. Look for the coaches to fix the problems and find a way to win a game that they should win. We have never seen two bad games in row from this team since Harbaugh landed in the Stick...floating down on a bolt of lightning. Whipping the men into shape. These mighty men.

Freddy P. Soft is hiding again...for now......waiting for his chance. Justin Smith will not sleep......

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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