Golden Nuggets: Real Refs Return, Brandon Jacobs Practices

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Thursday, September 27, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Good morning, all. If any of you remember, last week I was up for a promotion at work. I didn't get it, but they offered me a potential promotion in a few months. So, it's good and bad news. That's generally how life goes. Thanks for everyone's best wishes. And in other Aaron-related news, I've started writing for Bay Area SB Nation. My first post went up yesterday morning and I get to start the links with it. Not because it's the best article, or because it's the most important, but because it's my prerogative. If you want to write the Nuggets then you can put your post at the top of the list, but until then, you just have to deal with it. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't know if you heard, but the replacement refs should be gone by tonight. I feel bad for them, to be honest. They were just in over their head. But then they did cross a picket line, so.... pooh on them. Either way, there was never going to be a good outcome to using replacement refs in regular season games. It's good that it's over. Everyone was worried that the Seahawks got a free win out of it, thinking it could somehow come into play in the division race, but if everything goes according to plan, we'll be battling Green Bay in the standings and not Seattle.

And Brandon Jacobs has practiced! It was limited, but the longest journey begins with the first step. Don't know how he could have helped us last weekend, but another weapon is another weapon. We'll take him.

Brain lapses, play-action passes, and Aldon Smith in coverage. (Malone)

Brandon Jacobs practices for 49ers. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Return of regular officials is welcomed by 49ers. (Inman)


Both sides of the ball need better games for San Francisco. (Faaborg)

Week 4 picks and predictions: 49ers at Jets. (Bay Area SB Nation)

On 49ers and the closing of 'Revis Island'. (Sando)

49ers vs Jets preview: Alex Smith, offense look to bounce back. (Yahoo!)

Rex Ryan on Alex Smith: "I was hoping he wasn't as good as he is." (Cohn)

Jets' Ryan shares 'classic' about how he confused Alex Smith with Aaron Rodgers. (Inman)

Jets - 49ers matchups: Part II. (Cohn)

Jets' Ryan compliments 49ers' Davises. (Maiocco)

49ers - Jets preview. (Yahoo!)


Big news: NFL's largest running back returns to practice. (Branch)

49ers - Jets injury report: Isaac Sopoaga sits, Jacobs limited. (Maiocco)

Practice report: Sopoaga doesn't participate but all else do. (Inman)


Vernon Davis off to strong start for 49ers. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Mario Manningham has Alex Smith's confidence. (Bay Area SB Nation)

49ers players excited about potential return of real referees. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Randy Moss not getting targets, playing time. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Harbaugh: It's a new day. (Gin)

NFC West stock watch. (Sando)

NaVorro Bowman unofficially leads NFL in tackles. (Maiocco)

Short story: Alex Smith has tossed four deep passes in 2012. (Branch)

Vernon Davis starting to back up Hall of Fame hopes. (Inman)

Manningham and Smith combination not clicking. (Maiocco)

49ers ignore rain, work on offense in Ohio. (Yahoo!)

Coach's notebook: Sept. 26. (

Mario Manningham happy to be home. (

Alex Smith: "Looking back on Sunday, could we have taken more shots? For sure." (Cohn)

Harbaugh on the Jets: "Very aggressive team." (Cohn)

49ers settle in familiar surroundings. (

49ers wary of espionage in Youngstown. (SFGate)

49ers offense doesn't play longball. (Branch)


Press Pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

Press Pass: Alex Smith. (

49ers regroup in Youngstown. (

Conference call: Jets QB Mark Sanchez. (

Conference call: Jets HC Rex Ryan. (

Will (and can) the Jets follow Minny's blueprint? (

Photos and Video: Santa Clara stadium starts taking shape. (Mercury News)

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