Monkeying up the picks - Week 4

Week 3 was crazy. Insane. Absolutely mind-boggling. And then there was the football games.

The monkeys and I are on speaking terms (kind of) again. I had to promise to get the rankings posted ASAP, so I plan on doing an edit on this fanpost with how everyone has scored so far. Now, onto the picks.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens - I really thought that the Browns were better then they are, and that the Ravens 4th game in 18 days would affect them. Whoops.

My Prediction: Cleveland Browns Monkey's Prediction: Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons - As Cam goes, so goes the Panthers. Cam is on a downward spiral, and Atlanta will spin him down further.

My Prediction: Atlanta Falcons Monkey's Prediction: Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills - I really, really want to pick the Bills. They are at home and have recovered from their week 1 debacle. However, the Bills have some key players injured, and that will make the difference.

My Prediction: New England Patriots Monkey's Prediction: Buffalo Bills

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions - Vikings are a more complete team than the Lions, but this will be a let-down game.

My Prediction: Detroit Lions Monkey's Prediction: Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans - Don't be fooled by the number of points the Titans scored last week. The Lions defense couldn't catch a cold let alone a receiver. Texans defense is WAY better. Plus, Matt appEAR's to be playing really well.

My Prediction: Houston Texans Monkey's Prediction: Tennessee Titans

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs - I'm picking the Chargers. Why? I think Meacham will finally get on track. Plus Bowe is hurt.

My Prediction: San Diego Chargers Monkey's Prediction: San Diego Chargers

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets - An interesting fact I heard this morning. Over the past two years, after a 49er loss the following week the opponents have scored 0 TD's COMBINED. Jet's key player is hurt.

My Prediction: San Francisco 49ers Monkey's Prediction: New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams - Seahawks have a HECK of a Defense. However, I see a big karma game here. Plus, Seattle's ability to lose against bad teams and win against good teams will bite them.

My Prediction: St. Louis Rams Monkey's Prediction: Seattle Seahawks

Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals - If this were at Miami, I would say Card's have it in the bag. Miami is a crud home team. I think there will be another upset here.

My Prediction: Miami Dolphins Monkey's Prediction: Arizona Cardinals

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos - I HATE the Raiders. Why? Because I picked the Steelers in my elimination league. This will be very close, but I give the edge to the home team. (Plus, Manning going to 1-3? Nah...)

My Prediction: Denver Broncos Monkey's Prediction: Denver Broncos

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Bengals will claw up the Jaguars. No other witty comments in this battle of the cats.

My Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals Monkey's Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars

New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers - Just like the Seattle game, this will be a karma game. My sympathies to Saints fans.

My Prediction: Green Bay Packers Monkey's Prediction: Green Bay Packers

Washington Redskins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - If the Buc's O gets out of their slump, they will do well. And against Washington's D, this just may be the week.

My Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monkey's Prediction: Washington Redskins

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles - Unless Vick stops being turnover-prone, the Giants will crush the Eagles.

My Prediction: New York Giants Monkey's Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys - You think you had it bad before Cutler? Just wait till D. Ware stops by to say hello. Many, many times.

My Prediction: Dallas Cowboys Monkey's Prediction: Dallas Cowboys

Edited: My apologies for not getting this put in earlier.

Week 2 Results:

Fooch 11-5

ak4niner 10-6

reedkrase 9-7

Monkeys 8-8

Week 3 Results:

Monkeys 8-8

Fooch, ak4niner, reedkrase 7-9

Overall Standings

Fooch 29-19

ak4niner 27-21

reedkrase 26-22

Monkeys 25-23

Drew Kerr, 49erFanSince1950 10-6

Rhardin49 9-7

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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