Madden 2013 Impressions and Thoughts thread

So I picked up Madden 2013, last Madden I played was the 2006 one. Thought I'd start up a thread to write how I felt about it and what other's thought as well.

General Thoughts

- I love the graphics. I mean my aunt literally walked in and said "I thought football doesn't start until a couple weeks... wait... what is this? This isn't real is it?"

- The connected careers mode isn't as great as I thought it would be. Being mostly an offline player, I tried both create a player and create a coach mode, and wasn't happy with either. Both modes are pretty similar with the exception of either controlling the entire team or just your individual player. My issue with create a player is that there doesn't seem much substance. Practice... game... next week. Practice... game... next week. For coach mode, I really dislike it. It's sorta like a franchise mode, but not quite there. I wanted an organization mode where they gave you even more control over coaches, scouting and trading etc. Instead they went the opposite way and took control away from you.... and there's no fantasy draft!

- In connected careers coach mode, you can't trade for anyone worth a damn. I offered a Jags 1st rounder (top 10) and a Colts 1st rounder (also top 10 likely) and PATRICK WILLIS for A.J. Jenkins just to see how dumb this game was and guess what... the Bengals rejected it. C'mon man!

Game Play

- While I'm sure playing against an actual thinking opponent is much different, the game play against A.I. is very repetitive unless you boost the difficulty. But even then, you can find one play or two that can exploit a defense and just keep alternating.

- Running the ball is very very difficult. You almost never get a clean hole and even if you do, the new engine that they use where the "physics" are so real, running through a hole and accidentally touching a linemen will cause you to stumble.

- Screen passes are impossible to pull off. The A.I. always knows it's coming. The only way it succeeds is if for whatever reason the game fails to record a tackle and your RB miraculously slips away.

- People complained about DB's being able to psychically knock away balls. Now we have an issue with WR's being able to psychically adjust to throws or catch balls without even looking for it.

49er In-Game Stuff

- Vernon is once again tragically handicapped in this game. For a guy who runs a 4.3, he is insanely slow. I guess he's fast for a TE but that doesn't mean much when you have DT's and DE's chasing you down from behind... I mean honestly how often does VD ever get chased down from behind on a perfectly thrown seam route with no one in front of him? Umm like never? Yeah VD has no breakaway speed or really even a 3rd gear. Dude looks like he's Konrad Reuland after the catch in this game.

- Akers is criminally under rated after a record setting season. I struggle to punch in 49-50 yard field goals. Struggle to punch in as in the ball will drop harmlessly to the ground a good 5 yards short of the goal post. You're telling me the max range for David Freaking Akers is a 43-44 yard field goal?

- Mario Manningham is a monster out of the slot. Home run threat every single time.

Anyone else have any complaints/praises?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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