DeafWriterJC's Red Counterpoints, Golden NN Comments, and Black Harbo Watch: Vol.1

This is the first real post, the previous two posts was to make me look at them with disgust so I can elevate to a higher level of writing on the San Francisco 49ers. My personality is, I shoot myself in the foot so I can make amends for my poor writing and commentary later on (which is now). Odd, but it works for me.

The "Red Counterpoints" will be comments to counterpoint fanposts or the NN front page articles, so I can keep people on their toes. "Golden NN Comments" are the comments I thought was funny, directly straight to the point, noteworthy, or outrageously insane. So, be on your toes, because I will with eagle eyes pinpoint the farce and not-so-farce of comments and publish them. My promise is, I won't demean anyone. I of course, will slide just before I reach the end zone just like Kaepernick; the "Golden NN Comments" will be posted with class. The "Black Harbo Watch" represents the black shirts he wears every game he coaches the Niners; it will include analogies and anecdotes of Jim Harbaugh's coaching reign. For example, his frothing and madness during the replacement referee era. Not just that but anything about Harbaugh, whom I nicknamed 'Harbo.' Just easier for me to type it that way, dunno if Harbaugh would like it, I doubt he'd like it, tho. I still love him. Hope he still loves me.

Let's get started! I am making a beeline for the "Golden NN Comments", so I could entice your curiosity to whom I will target tonight; this post was written in the aftermath of the 49ers vs. Jets game which was really fun to watch, it was a full of appetizers because of the wrinkles the 49ers introduced.

First comment I obviously want to highlight is James Brady's comment. It sounded clichy, so I felt a great need to publish this one:

"I think there's some middle ground here."

"I understand what people are saying about Smith today, and he did miss some bad ones (though one or two of them I maintain were more decision making than anything … Smith subscribes to the “my receiver or nobody” theory), but he’s also shown improvement in that area the last season or so, hitting Davis pretty good.

Weirdest thing: he’s usually very accurate down right sideline. Not the left."

DeafWriterJC's comment: The weirdest thing part caught my attention. Does it have to do with how the right side or left side of his brain functions?

Second Comment is Doni S:

"Kaep was so very close"

"to hitting Moss on one of the deep routes (the 1 time he was allowed to pass)…and I think Alex knows good and well that if he starts to stink it up for any stretch…Kaep is right there, breathing down his neck."

DeafWriterJC's Comment: That comment is true, not directly, but in part. Kaepernick was drafted to be the quarterback of the future, after all. While Alex Smith is a very efficient passer, he is not Joe Montana or Steve Young. Not even Jeff Garcia. But Alex is a very intelligent QB and he takes care of the ball. But I don't see him making the downfield throws. Kaepernick threw an easy bomb that I never see Alex make, Moss should have caught it if not for the triple-coverage.

Third Comment by Bob in Beaverton:


"if a tenth of the Jets roster were killed."

DeafWriterJC's Comment: I found comments using the word "Decimation" hilarious. I wish I could post all "decimation" comments by everyone else, but unfortunately I couldn't decimate the comments by every 10 commenters that used the word. LMAO. So I picked one, and that's "Bob in Beaverton's."

We actually nearly decimated their roster, by the way, seeing Epps and Holmes carted off by serious injuries. Not a laughing matter, though because I don't want to see our own players injured, either. But strangely enough I had a coldblooded feeling while I watched them being carted off. As long it's not a 49er, you know? Only in football, though not outside of the football field, though, as I have zero tolerance for civilian violence. NFL football isn't civilian violence, it is just a different form of UFC fighting, using a football and cleats.

Last word on decimation: I don't want to decimate every tenth team we play, but every single team we play! Harbo seconds it for sure!

Finally, as I mentioned Harbo, here is the "Black Harbo Watch:"

I didn't see the rabid disease today that had inflicted Harbo during the replacement referee era, he seemed more calm, focused, and more sound with his coaching and game plan. I loved the new addition of Kaepernick play-calls, everything had gone right except for the oddity of Alex Smith's accuracy issue. Didn't Alex just come off an off-season session with throwing motion guru Tom House? I wish he would explain what the issue is. I would have been happy to hear him answer, "I am not really that good throwing downfield, and my accuracy is not as good as the elite pass-happy quarterbacks."

That would have been good enough, and it's a good time for him to answer in this sequence, because I am in a good mood.

Now down to the "Red Counterpoints." I will make some points and keep it short and sweet instead of over-analyzing with a facial expression like actor Jim Carrey in his comedy movies. Or I would look like I am trying to poop. Now here I go..

Here is the poop, and unfortunately I have to call out Drew Kerr for not agreeing to the bet publicly, but Smackdad honored the phantom bet by doing a fanpost as agreed if Drew Kerr was right about the 49ers chugging out 200+ yards (as a team effort). Here is the link to Smackdad's fanpost, I linked the only way I knew how. Suggestions how to link fanposts to my articles?

I will atone Drew Kerr by mentioning he commented in Smackdad's fanpost claiming he never saw the proposed bet challenged to him due to his still being adapted to NinersNation's new layout.

Now let the replacement refs clean up the poop I littered in this fanpost.

Remember, they are being paid $344,000, in spite of the new ratified agreement between the NFL and the regular god-given referees, as to be fair to them, as they were supposed to work last Thursday and this weekend. That crunches up to $3,500 for each referee, and $3,000 to the other officials.

Quite expensive for this clean up!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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