49ers @ Green Bay

The season is about to begin. I’ve been on edge since Kyle Effing Williams did what he did. That he remains on the team is more than a disappointment. It has me upset and hoping he is not allowed to interfere in any way with the Team’s successes. Past that unfortunate consideration, I’m happy and excited - ready to write some on the first game of the 2012 Season. I will dispense with the normal reservations and make predictions based upon my assessment of this Team.

The GB game is named Game O’ the Week by most media sites… any site that doesn’t have this game listed as the premier game is staffed with uniformed tools and/or 49er haters RE: the NFL front offices and their acolytes. This game is supposed to showcase the top 2 teams in the NFC. Most agree this could be a warm-up for the NFC Championship game. I think that may be generous – to the Packers. I do not see this game getting away from the Team. GB won it all a couple years back and they are not as hungry as the 49ers – nor are they as talented. YES – I said it! The Packers are no match for the 49ers. Deal with it. This game could get out hand early. If the guys start clubbing Rogers around, he may again wish he was drafted by SF. This could be a fun day. I expect it will be.

I expect A Smith will go deep to Moss very early. That will set a tone and keep the DBs honest. Besides, whose gonna cover the 6’-5” Moss? If you suggest the ageing and smaller 6’-0” Woodsen or Bush you have not been paying attention. Woodsen has not always been very effective against Moss. Wooden is moved to Safety because he was growing “Wooden” ADMIT – you like this….

Do you think the 6”-0” Burnette can handle this? Here are a few salient stats for your consideration…

GB Safeties combined for over 170 tackles last year. GB CBs combined for 94 tackles. The Starting GB DBs totaled 250 tackles in 2011?!!! Something is wrong with that picture. No GB DB is over 6-0. Zip! Davis and Moss and Walker have fun.

GB will start 2 Rookies on defense. FYI the linebackers – who are usually the players with the most tackles have relatively few at GB. The DBs had the majorities of tackles for GB. The over-rated Clay-Feet Matthews is consumed with sacks. He is often out of position and a poor tackler. Matthews had 37 tackles last year. 37 tackles – in theory on a team where defense spent more time on field right? Aldon Smith had 31 tackles playing 3rd down!!

See above ref on GB DBs. Clay is “Part of the Problem”. He’s one reasons why GB was Less-Than last season. Based on last year’s tackles – I run left @ Matthews all night long. I’d run screens early too. That will eff with Clay’s head big time and keep him home. The few times the 49ers face 3rd and long – I see screens coming. Matthews will over commit. He can’t help himself.

I also see double tight end sets = better run blocking (double on Matthews) and pass protection. AND/OR after chip blocking, Davis / Walker can run under in the middle against a LB/DE – take that option all day long. The Swing outlet pass, Gore / James following Alex Smith on a rollout will drive DBs deep. If GB DBs don’t bite, Niner WRs are open for a TD. Expect 2 TE sets. Davis against Bush/DJ Smith is a cruel mismatch. Davis should have Safety / LB zone open all day. If WR block well… big gains are in the offing.

GB – RBs are suspect. GB is starting the Powerhouse Alex Green. Have you heard of him? He carried 3X last season for 11 yards. Cedric Benson? Puh-lease. This crew will avg. less than 2.5 YPC for the game. With the running game shut down, that means Rodgers gotta throw throw throw. The Pack will be behind come 3rd qtr (by a healthy margin). Rodgers will be forced to pass, pass, pass. Aaron will be running for his life chased by several 49ers who wish Aaron to not make completed passes. This is Justin Smith's year to make a play for the Hall and TAKE a championship. That path begins through Aaron Rodgers.

The Niner defense will dominate! The “Smiths” (twin brothers from different mothers) combine for three sacks. Bowman = 1. Others = 1.

As Rodgers runs for his life mistakes happen… 2 picks and 2 fumbles. Only one fumble will be his fault. A Green will puke up the ball when he meets Pat Willis or Navarro Bowman for the first time – maybe both times. This game could get ugly… No decent fan wants to see ANY player hurt, but occasionally players do get hurt. That’s the nature of the game. As these predictions play out, the game will end on happy note for us. Not so happy for the Pack. The Pack will be wondering WHAT they must do to live up to all the hype placed at their feet. After the game, the Niner players and coaches will praise their opponents and keep their feelings close to their chest. I predicted Coach will shake hands with the packer coach, unless he "disses" Coach and does some stupid Lambio sumpin to mock our beloved coach.

Rodgers, on the other hand, will speak to the media through a spokesman (a broken jaw will preclude his talking much). Rodgers will announce his retirement due to health concerns – owed to a particularly brutal hit by Justin Smith. Packers fans will be aghast as Smith carries Rodgers detached throwing arm to the sidelines. Smith will have the arm stuffed and donated to the 49ers to rest alongside the Lombardi’s. Sadly, with a missing arm Aaron won’t be able to perform his signature BELT display any longer. Packer fans will be upset and demand Smith is fined. Smith will happily pay the fine - so long as the league doesn't take his trophy.

Niner 32, Packers 17 – (one TD is a sympathy score – Coach refuses to run up the score and orders the team to the sit on the bench. They don’t interfere with a nine play, Packer scoring drive in the closing minutes.)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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