Alex Smith to Baltimore benefits everybody, but KC or Jacksonville most likely

Alex Smith to Baltimore: Joe Flacco is a free agent. At the very least, trade talks would provide Baltimore with leverage. Joe Flacco may also be a more sought after free agent than Smith. If Alex goes to Baltimore, he gets to run the same type of ball control offense he did in SF and he has Ray Rice to help him do it. Alex will likely cost a lot less than Joe Flacco so Baltimore gets a cap benefit. Baltimore just fired their offensive coordinator so there are likely to be changes on offense anyways. Jim gets to feel better about benching Alex because he is sending him to a winner. John can feel confident in Alex because as Jim’s brother he is in the best position to trust Jim’s analysis of Alex and trade value. Granted, Alex doesn’t have Flacco’s arm strength and it may be a long shot that Baltimore would want to shake things up, but it seems to me that this would be a pretty good fit for everybody. Flacco could then seek money at any of the other teams looking for a quarterback.

Philadelphia and the Jets: hopefully he doesn’t get sent to either place. Both teams are in turmoil and pretty dysfunctional. Neither team is in a place to win now and both teams have too much media attention for Alex.

Arizona: Everything is there but a quarterback and a healthy running back, but this isn’t going to happen unless Smith is released instead of traded.

Minnesota: they have probably not given up on Ponder, but Smith would elevate this team and Ponder would be a capable back up and would have more time to develop.

Cleveland: Who knows what they think of Weeden. He likely stays for a year a two until a better quarterback comes along or he proves himself as a starter. Alex offers the new coaching staff a proven veteran of the same age, gives Weeden a chance to develop as a back up, and gives the Browns an opportunity to focus their attention to other holes on the team. They also already have a running back in place.

Buffalo: If Fitzpatrick is out, Smith should be in. He’d have Jackson and Spiller to work with. There’s money invested in the defense so a cheaper quarterback like Smith is a good thing for this team. I haven’t watched Buffalo play this year, so I’m not sure if Fitzpatrick was the issue or whether it was just poor play calling. Either way, I view Smith as an upgrade.

Kansas City: Another team with a running back in place. The defense was good last year and may only need some tweaking or a better offense to help it out. Andy Reid got fired in part because of all the turnovers in the beginning of the year, so he could use a guy like Alex. This is a definite possibility and is probably more likely that any team mentioned above.

Jacksonville: If Roman goes, then I think so too does Alex. Roman, in his first year as head coach, will have a quarterback he knows he can win with and a quarterback who is proficient in his offensive system. Again, the running back is in place. I may be wrong but I think Jacksonville has a lot of cap space. Maybe Alex gets an extension and more money than he would get elsewhere. Or maybe they use that space to shore up the defense. Alex most likely has another offensive coordinator to deal with, but that should be less of an issue since Roman is the coach. If Roman isn’t the coach, maybe the Jags still look to Smith, but he becomes less attractive for them and they become less attractive for him. This would be a good trade the 49ers perspective because any draft picks are likely to be early in the round.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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