Dear 49ers. (Wishful thinking)

Dear San Francisco 49ers,

This little note is for the current players, players on other teams that don't have a contract, and the coaches. I am writing this during the year but won't post it until the year is over. Don't want to jinx our team.

I don't know if we are going to get in the Superbowl this year or not (we are one of the favorites). I still think that last year was suppose to be our's too. My point being, next year can be our's also. We have a great foundation of young talented players. Coaches that can think outside of the box and have very good intuition. We can dominate this league for years to come but it will take a compromise from everybody. Here are my top suggestions to keep our dominance for years to come.

1. Coaches. Don't take the job. Some of you will be offered a promotion and more money if you change teams. Opportunity like this most likely will still be there 5 years down the road because we should be winning still. Just think you can be apart of a team that can win 3 out of the next 5 Superbowls or go to another team and have to rebuild. You will be making more money and have a better title, but you will not own the 3 rings and be apart of the biggest dynasty ever. Please stay and keep our team playing at the high level they are playing at.

2. Big contract players. If you are making a shit load of money, please take a small pay cut so that we can keep and/or get good players. If our top 10 paid players gave us back just 5% of their salary, we could afford to keep Rogers or get quality players. Maybe Rogers will be willing to stay for less than he could get elsewhere. During our "hey day", we signed a few big time players for less money because of the chance of us making it to the big game. I am hoping this will happen again in the next few years.

3. Off season. It seems like this last off season, players focused on "the team" and what it was going to take win. More players seem to be hanging out at the facility working out and improving their game. We need that dedication every off season. We started the year off hot, well prepared and in shape. Players seem to stay healthy when they are in better shape. At the beginning of the year, I thought that we had one of the best teams ever in the history of the NFL. Now, I still think our team is still in the top 20 ever.

4. Build from the draft. I am a big fan of doing what it takes to get the player you want. But with that said, teams sometimes over pay to get "thier" guy. I love moving down in the draft and picking up more picks, especially for future draft picks. Two years ago, I thought we did a great job of moving down and up in the draft to get our man. We need to continue being smart with our picks.

5. Play smart. I notice some of our players are starting to get a swagger and cockiness about them. I am all for some tastefull forms of expressions as long as it is not mean spirited or hurt our team with a stupid penalty. It seems more and more players are starting to take it a little too far. I especially hate players doing things like (making the first down sign after making a good play for a first down, when they are losing the game and have a losing record). I was watching Kansas City players doing this when they had a record like 2-10. The team scores a touchdown and gets called for excessive celebrating and then the touchdown gets over turned. I loved it when karma took over and KC started stinking up the place. My point is, catching the ball for a first down doesn't warrant a player to act like a fool and shove it in the other players faces. Remember, you are a role model for many, including young kids, and should be a good sport with your actions.

So what I am trying to saywith this rant is look at the big picture. If we all compromise and make a few little sacrifices, we can create something very special. Our current window may be small, but it could become the biggest, prettiest window in the world. All we need is a little luck, some hard work, and a few sacrifices from everybody within the team to make it happen.

PS. I decided to post this before the end of the Superbowl because I want the coaches to see this before they make up thier mind to leave us.

On a side note. I just moved back to California and have to get a CA tag for my car. I will have to give up my current vanity plate ( 49R FAN ). Does anybody know of another good tag choice that is a available?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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