Draft stuff.

In my quest not to get too ramped up before Sunday's game (I can only handle so much stress) I did a bit of thunking about the draft. Here are, what I think are accurate, things we need to consider.

1> CAP.

As far as I can find we seem to have not too much cap space to work with. The $ number I keep seeing is about 1.8M to 3.8M. Unforunately I have no idea what they do and don;t include in that. Would Alex's salary for 2013 be included in that number? Assuming Alex's salary IS included in that number, I can't see any alternative to him being gone next year. We knew that anyway, but for those holdouts (like me) who DO like Alex and think he got a bad run in SF get used to the idea he is gone.


i> Dashon.

ii> Larry Grant

iii> Ricky JF

iv> Issaacc Sop

v> Delanie

These are the major names as far as I can see. So that means we have 2 of our D-line maybe going, or wanting their money on their next contract. Issaacc his last chance at a big payday, Ricky might be looking for starters money (tell me he doesn't become a starter on a bunch of other teams!). Add to that the money Dashon wants, and will probably get, what can we do to keep these guys/ replace these guys. Then we need to flesh out the LB core a bit as far as I can tell. We are also going to need a vet QB just in case aren't we? I think we are pretty set at WR and at RB/FB/TE depending on Delaine's situation, but then, I think he is replaceable at same or lower cost.


1 x 1st

1 x 2nd

3 x 3rd (comp) (Carolina's pick 12th/ #76)

1 x 4th

2 x 5th (Colts 24th/ #152)

2 x 6th (Dolphins 21st/ #213)

3? x 7th Ours/ Taylor Mays trade??? / Comp?

That's basically what I can find out there in the world.Seems about right that we get a 3rd round comp when you add Snyder/ Morgan and subtract Manningham. No idea where the 7th round comp comes from, but I'll take it.

So in my mind we have to make a few PREdraft decisions.

1> How much do we chase Dashon/ Issaacc/ Ricky. I think we might be able to get both the lineman signed to reasonable $, but Dashon is looking for his big payday. Yes I think he is good, but he wants Weddle money, and we all think Weddle was overpaid. That along with Dashon's inability to keep a cool head for a whole game (those 15 's hurt!) I think there is a limit we offer. I would like to have Dashon be a yes or no long before the draft kicks off, one way or the other.

With all that being said my choices for the draft are:

1st> D-line (The Aussie kid from Bama please)

2nd> Safety is Dashon leaves, otherwise an OLB

3rd> OLB or ILB

3rd ILB or OLB

3rd D-line

4th-7th trade out or trade up.

I will note here that I don't follow college football, but everything I have heard says its a really good D-line class, so lets get in there and get the D-line set like we did the O-line over the past few years! The LB's because even OUR LB's can't play at the same rate they have been for 2-3 more years, they need some rest every now and then!

Then HarBaalke can sign those guys who didn't get drafted to find that diamond in the rough

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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