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Super Bowl 2013: Date, time, odds, halftime show and more

Super Bowl XLVII is set and we've got all sorts of pertinent information for game-day to get you ready. We'll have updates on announcers, uniforms, odds, halftime show info and more leading up to Super Bowl 47.

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49ers lose heart-breaker in Super Bowl XLVII

We take a quick look back at the 49ers heart-breaking loss in Super Bowl XLVII


49ers-Ravens fourth quarter open thread

We take a quick look at the third quarter, and open a thread for fourth quarter discussion.


A look at the Superdome power outage

Well, that was certainly interesting. My first Super Bowl and my first trip to New Orleans needed to have a little bit more weirdness. As the 49ers are getting their asses handed to them by the Ravens, the Superdome decided to cool things down a bit. The power went out and we had a solid 30-minute delay before the game got going again. The auxiliary generators allowed for enough lighting to keep it from pitch black, but we all got to sit around waiting for the power to come back on.

Reports are indicating it was a stadium issue and not a power supplier issue. Either way, this gets Candlestick Park off the books as the most embarrassing NFL power outage in recent memory. I'd imagine we'll get plenty of post mortem, but I can say the fans handled it well. We had the wave for a few minutes, and of course some Let's Go Niners and Let's Go Ravens chants.

They eventually got things going, but it remains to be seen what will go down as the bigger power outage tonight: the Superdome or the 49ers offense.

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49ers-Ravens third quarter thread

We look back at the second quarter, and provide an open thread for third quarter Super Bowl discussion.


How was Cary Williams not tossed?

I have no idea how Cary Williams was not ejected on this play. Laying your hands on a ref is an automatic ejection. This is a shove if there ever was one.



Whether he knew it was a ref or not, whether he thought he was shoving a player DOES NOT MATTER. We saw Justin Smith get tossed for laying his hands on a ref a couple years back, even though it was one hand pushing the ref away without seeing him.

There is nothing to be done at this point, but that does not make it any less of a BS play. The 49ers have played plenty of bad football, and tossing Williams has nothing to do with their struggles, but these are serious rules that need to be enforced.

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Ravens fake field goal leaves many scratching thei

The Baltimore Ravens made a huge play midway through the second quarter, intercepting 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens led 14-3 and starting in 49ers territory put them in position to go for a bit of a kill shot. And then they overthought things.

After stalling out inside the 49ers 15, the Ravens brought on the field goal unit to go for the easy shot at a 17-3 lead. And then they ran a fake.


I assume John Harbaugh was thinking he'd catch the 49ers off-guard and go for a bit of a kill shot. He is a former special teams coordinator, so this isn't exactly foreign territory. Of course, it worked out OK since the 49ers were unable to get anything done on offense and subsequently punted. Nonetheless, until this game gets to zero, the Ravens likely want whatever points they can get. Of course, if the 49ers continue playing the way they have, those three points might not matter.


Second quarter game thread

We take a quick look back at the first quarter, and provide an open thread for second quarter Super Bowl discussion.


What time is it? Game time

We break down some of the pertinent information heading into Super Bowl XLVII between the 49ers and Ravens. We also provide an open thread to discuss the game.


Your 2013 Super Bowl officials

We take a look at the NFL's decision on the officiating crew for Super Bowl 47. We also break down some of the controversy surrounding the decisions.


Super Bowl hotel option

While Super Bowl tickets are plenty expensive, the hidden cost people often forget is for hotel rooms. We take a look at some alternative websites that provide potentially reasonable deals for Super Bowl week.


Hello, friends...

We take a look at the announcers for Super Bowl XLVII, which will feature the CBS No. 1 crew.


49ers to rock the cherry red!

The 49ers will wear their home jerseys in Super Bowl XLVII. We take a look at the always classic jersey.

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