Golden Nuggets: Hello London!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

The 49ers are on their longest (in distance) road trip this season to the UK where football is not football, colour has a U, Sunday afternoons are for drinking tea, there is an actual living Queen, and the Kings of the box office are names like Bond, Bean and Powers. If Aldon Smith was there, Austin Powers will definitely tell him, "Oh behave!" And in case you'll be tweeting about the Niners this week, the official hashtag for this trip is #UK49ers.

London Links

The team is there on business, but they are still in a different country and it shows on various players' social media accounts. | London Week: #UK49ers (49ers)

More photos of the team and fans in the UK | 49ers Arrive in London (NBC Bay Area)

Can you say "Tottenham Hotspur" really fast three times in a row? Neither can I. | 49ers Visit Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (49ers)

For their first few days of practice, the Jaguars will be without head coach Gus Bradley. | Jaguars head coach Bradley leaves team after father's death (CSN Bay Area)

Frank Gore has his sights set on the Jaguars and not sight-seeing. | Frank Gore says San Francisco 49ers can't look past Jacksonville Jaguars (Inman)

Titans Redux

UDFA rookie Darryl Morris got some love from Coach Harbaugh after last Sunday's game. | Fast impression: CB Morris making mark on special teams (Branch)

Anquan Boldin believes that read-option helps him get good one-on-one matchups. | Anquan Boldin Applauds Zone-Read Plays (Price)

Why was Colin Kaepernick's last performance a QBR extravaganza? | Inside Kaepernick's big QBR game (Williamson)

ESPN game review of 49ers vs Titans | Upon Further Review: San Francisco 49ers (Williamson)

I'm beginning to think that Jim Harbaugh is actually a marionette. | Jim Harbaugh was on fire yesterday, and we have the GIFs to prove it (BASG)

Patrick Willis' performance against the Titans was vintage. | Patrick Willis Returns to Form in Blowout Win (Price)


Questions are being asked if Aldon is getting celebrity treatment from law enforcement. | Did 49ers' Aldon Smith Receive Preferential Treatment from Santa Clara County Sheriff? (NBC)

Dear Walmart, I highly doubt that this is an officially licensed NFL product. BOO! | The apocalypse is nigh: Walmart now selling a "San Fran" 49ers shirt (SFGate)

More cannon fodder for the 49ers QB3 carousel | McBLT, beware: Jets release Brady Quinn (BASG)

And that's all for today. Cheerio!


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