An Early Look at the 2014 49ers

with all the talk about LaMichael James' Future with the team, I was inspired to look ahead to the 2014 roster.

Here we go - here's what I think we have going into the draft...discussion later.


Kaepernick, Colin

Running Backs:

Debniak, Alex

Gore, Frank

Hunter, Kendall

James, LaMichael

Lattimore, Marcus

Miller, Bruce

Tight Ends:

Celek, Garrett

Davis, Vernon

McDonald, Vance

Wide Receivers:

Baldwin, Jon

Crabtree, Michael

Patton, Quinton

Interior Offensive Line:

Boone, Alex

Iupati, Mike

Kilgore, Daniel

Looney, Joe

Snyder, Adam

Offensive Tackle:

Davis, Anthony

Marquardt, Luke

Staley, Joe


Brock, Tramaine

Culliver, Chris

Morris, Darryl

Wright, Eric


Dahl, Craig

Reid, Eric

Spillman, C.J.

Ventrone, Raymond

Defensive Line:

Carradine, Tank

Dial, Quinton

Dorsey, Glenn

Jerod-Eddie, Tony

McDonald, Ray

Okoye, Lawrence

Smith, Justin

Williams, Ian

Inside Linebackers:

Bowman, NaVorro

Moody, Nick

Stupar, Nate

Wilhoite, Michael

Willis, Patrick

Fleming, Darius

Skuta, Dan

Outside Linebacker:

Brooks, Ahmad

Lemonier, Corey

Smith, Aldon

Special Teams:

Lee, Andy

McDermott, Kevin

Discussion: To start, I believe we let the following players walk or only give them a camp invite:

Asomugha, Nnamdi

Bethel-Thompson, McLeod

Boldin, Anquan

Brown, Tarell

Bykowski, Carter

Carrier, Derek

Cox, Perrish

Cunningham, Jermaine

Dawson, Phil

Dixon, Anthony

Dobbs, Demarcus

Goodwin, Jonathan

Hampton, Jewel

Jacobs, Chuck

Manningham, Mario

McCoy, Colt

Moore, Marlon

Netter, Al

Osgood, Kassim

Purcell, Michael

Reed, D’Aundre

Thomas, Michael

Whitner, Donte

Williams, Kyle

To be honest, I’m not going to miss any of those guys. I have us re-signing Tramaine Brock, Eric Wright, and Michael Wilhoite; players let go are either not worth the money (T. Brown, Manningham) or just aren’t that good (Kyle Williams). Carlos Rogers gets released unless he wants to re-structure. Assuming Brock, Wright, and Wilhoite re-sign for the same amount they make now (I know they won’t, obviously), we’re looking at around $13m in cap space based on a $124m cap. That $13m can be used to extend players and sign a couple key free agents. We have a ton of cap space.

Now, a look at position groups:

Quarterbacks: I expect the 49ers to sign a veteran quarterback and draft a quarterback at a fairly high level – 3rd – 5th rounds. It’s a great year for quarterbacks, and developing a solid backup behind Kap is something Harbaugh is clearly intent on doing. Imagine someone like Keith Price (UW) in the 5th round.

Running Backs: Probably the most interesting group. I do not see Gore being released, but I think it may be possible to see a one year extension/renegotiation. So, in 2014 we will see Gore as the primary back but with diminishing carries. Lattimore and Hunter make up the remainder. LMJ will get spot duty unless he steps up – and he will be the full-time KR/PR.

Tight Ends and Wide Receivers: We are set at Tight End. Expect us to draft 1 – 2 Wide receivers, and don’t be shocked if we sign a bigger-name WR – Eric Decker would be incredible. Its our weakest unit. Phenomenal draft for wide receivers.

Interior Offensive Line: We are set at the position, unless Kilgore isn’t ready to Start at Center. If he isn’t, expect us to draft one fairly high. Grasu from Oregon would be nice – faster OC.

Offensive Tackle: Thin here – we need to draft a swing tackle – it was a need last year.

Cornerbacks: Culliver and Brock will be a pretty good coverage tandem, with Wright in the nickel. We will probably draft a player high here as well. Purifoy would be great.

Safeties: Whitner/Hitner had a great season, but he wants to get paid. As a result, We will replace him with a rookie, and go with Dahl if the rookie isn’t ready.

Defensive Line: We are set at the end positions, with Carradine rotating in w/ Smith and Macdonald. May need an extra nose tackle, but I’m happy with Williams, Dorsey, and Dial.

Inside Linebacker: plenty of depth, two all-pros.

Outside Linebacker: Smith, Lemonier, and Brooks form one of the better OLB groups in the NFL. Some of our ILBs can rotate in as well.

Special Teams: Set at P and LS. We will either sign a FA Kicker or draft one.

Draft Picks: (1) #1, (2) #2s, (2) #3s (I don’t think Goldson will net a 3rd round comp), (2) #4s, (1) #5, (1) #6, (4) #7s.

I think the roster looks great!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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