Offense performance and other takeaways after Texans game.

Just thought I'd post my takeaways from last nights game.

1.) Contrary to what most people think, I thought the offense finally looked like its starting to click all around. Yes the numbers weren't gaudy but all I hear from fans is we Want a smothering defense with lots of turnovers, Gore to get 25 carries with 150 yards, and Kap to toss up 250 yards. Well all three probably isn't going to happen as there aren't enough stats to go around. In the end, The passing displayed in this game helped ease my concerns that I was worried about in week 3.

- For one Kap looked far more comfortable in the pocket and made quick decisions. More importantly he showed that he is much more comfortable throwing against man coverage. Yes his performance probably didn't win too many people fantasy games, but his job isn't to win fantasy games, its to win football games and I will take a 49er win over a fantasy win any day of the week. (I am considering benching him for Jay Cutler though, your thoughts?) But to the point, He started off 4-5 for 40 yards or so I believe which considering his recent slow starts, that is a much improvement.

-He also showed trust in his wide receivers to make a play on the ball in Man-Man coverage. My biggest concern in previous games was not that WRs weren't getting open it was that Kap wouldn't give his WRs a chance to make a play on the ball in Man-Man. He seems to understand the concepts now of throwing to a position for a WR to make a play on the ball. Those plays will continue to get better and this thrown together passing offense is finally looking to come together. If you go back and watch if Vernon catches up with that ball (And be honest I think I was a little surprised he didnt as he usually does... possible hammy injury), Jon Baldwin gets that second foot in bounds which he could have, and Q Boldin maybe plays that fade a little better we are looking at a much different stat line. But with the chances that Kap had (only 15) and the strong start to the game I think its becoming evident that this passing attack will continue to progress.

2.) Defense looks amazing.

-Although I don't think Nmamdi performance has been terrible as people claim, I think Brock being on the field ignites what the 2011 offense is all about. He does well in zone and man, plays aggressive, makes plays on the ball, and just is all around a warrior. I think he ends up finishing the season in ironic fashion as Culliver took his job when Brock went down with injury and he might have found his way back in a feature role due to injury. Anyway, its not like this is a terrible offense. THey still hung up plenty of points against the seahawks D (Which is looking more overrated each away game). So im tired of hearing all this talk about Texans gave the game away. The Niners D looked amazing, even with our best players missing. Great coverage on an Elite Wide Receiver, Carlos Rodgers essentially locked the slot down, and Brock played like he wasn't concerned who was lined up against him.

3.) Special teams and penalties

Special Teams looked to be back to form these last couple of games. Specifically the coverage units. Osgood and Spillman may be the best gunner tandem in the game. This usually goes overlooked, but Texans have been very good in the return game and the niners shut that down. Also, the penalties were down a lot. I think this has to do alot with the refs allowing physical coverage though and being less flag happy and calling questionable penalties. Hopefully this trend continues!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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