Richard Sherman at Quarterback and JJ Watt at Left Tackle?

A couple months back I made fanpost discussing where 49ers players would fit if they switched from offense to defense and defense to offense. It was pretty fun, I had Delanie Walker at MLB and Patrick Willis at RB and a whole bunch of other players in positions I thought they would fit at.

Now, I want to take it a step further and make an All-Pro team based on who I think would be the best suited defensive players to play offense. Based on the amount of feedback this fanpost gets, I'll be making a "If Offense Played Defense" post as well. So without anymore talk, here we go:

Quarterback - Richard Sherman: Man, first pick and I know it's going to be controversial. To be honest, it's impossible to project which players would be good at quarterback. I went for a more prototypical quarterback, and there aren't many people on defense that are lean at 6'3'' or taller. As much as I dislike Sherman, he's smart, athletic, played on offense before, and has the killer instinct to be a quarterback

Running Back - Patrick Willis: Could this be an easier pick? With 4.3 speed (I refer to his pro-day time) and 240 pounds of straight brute muscle, I can easily see Willis breaking, shedding, and trucking all three levels of the defense. He might be a straight-up runner, more stiff than fluid, but you can't deny his speed. Once he breaks to the second level, and it'd be often, he can outrun just about anyone in the NFL

Fullback - Daryl Washington: This position is tough just because of the amount of LB's I could put here. Ahmad Brooks, Jerod Mayo, Brian Cushing, NaVorro Bowman, Sean Lee and Terrell Suggs all could lay havoc if they were primarily lead blockers. I pick Washington over all of them only because of his speed. A fast fullback could dominate any LB's in coverage. Luckily there are no fast fullbacks in the league.

Tight End - Von Miller: It was between Miller and Aldon Smith, but Miller's 4.4 speed was what I was looking for. He's the same height as Vernon Davis, but a little thicker, and a lot more fluid than the stiff Davis we know.

Wide Receiver - Antonio Cromartie: This guy is the definition of athletic. He intercepted Peyton Manning three times in one game and holds the record for the longest touchdown return in the NFL history (tied with Coradelle Patterson). He's almost the exact same size as Hakeem Nicks and Dez Bryant too. With 4.38 speed and 6'2'' size, he's my number one receiver.

Wide Receiver - Patrick Peterson: See Peterson, think Desean Jackson, but bigger and faster. Every team needs a deep threat. Here he is. Standing 6'1'' and a 4.31 40-yard time, Peterson would be my Percy Harvin, my Mike Wallace, but better. There's really nothing else to say.

Slot Receiver - Earl Thomas: At 5'10'' and from Texas (my favorite college), Thomas is the prototypical slot. The best part of Thomas's game is his closing speed. He can close a 10-yard gap like no one's business. I need a quick, shifty and fast player at slot and that's Thomas. Also, he's thicker than the usual slot, so it'd be tougher to bring him down.

Left Tackle - JJ Watt: Standing at 6'5'', with 34-inch arms, Watt looks like he was made to play tackle. I have no problem envisioning him being a great pass and run blocker. Watt is quick, so he could handle speed rushers, and he's strong, so he could handle bull rushers as well. Whether I want him to down block or pull, I see Watt absolutely demolishing everyone.

Left Guard - Ndamukong Suh: I need a strong, tough, unmovable object on my interior line, and that object is Suh. Suh is mean, and I like that attitude on my line. He can get low and push anyone back. He's quick and would absolutely flash when I ever we pulled him play side, and he seems very intelligent so I think he'd be able to handle pass protection schemes. Those long arms help to.

Center - Justin Smith: Smith makes a living feeding off double teams. I see him having no trouble tearing up nose tackles and chipping defensive ends while getting to the second level. He's under 300lbs, so he might be a little undersized, but that doesn't stop him from bull-dozing 330lb tackles and guards so he should be just fine. And honestly, giving Smith the advantage of knowing the snap count is just unfair.

Right Guard - Vince Wilfork: Size matters. At 6'2'' and 325lbs, he has enough size and strength to handle anyone in the NFL. I wouldn't rely on him to be a great pass blocker, but I would run Willis right behind Wilfork on almost every run play. It still surprises me how quick Wilfork is off the ball. I would expect even quicker get-offs on the offensive side of the ball.

Right Tackle - Calais Campbell: I want a behemoth of a line, so I'll put a behemoth of a man at right tackle. At 6'8'', 300lbs, and 34-inch arms, Campbell would stonewall any edge-rusher coming his way. This guy is big! I mean, he's the same height as Lebron James but heavier.

What's become clear is that no one on defense looks even close to suitable enough to play quarterback. No one on defense has the tall lankiness most quarterbacks have. Some linebackers or defensive ends might be somewhat similar to Cam Newton, but really, they aren't.

Also, this post just made me wonder what could have been if one of these players high school coaches decided to put them on the other side of the ball. Watt and Suh have so much strength, they could have been All-Pro offensive lineman if they wanted to.

Thanks for reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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