If you're an optimist, you probably think CK7 played're WRONG!

I know what you are going to attempt to say; we had a couple of dropped passes, or you are going to point to the two special teams breakdowns, or you are going to cite the bad personal foul call that took away a turnover. But what you are failing to realize is that CK7 showed absolutely NO ABILITY to move the ball. And that it was the defense and special teams that put the team in a position to score every time.

Whithout their play we aren't in this game.

So you may ask, what is this post about? Is it just a complaint rant? No it isn't. It's a post designed to clarify what our strengths are and what they aren't, and to pose the question; what now?

Here is how I see things. We can slip into the playoffs, but that is not big picture relevant. Why? We are not a Super Bowl contender this year. If our offense, and specifically our QB cannot make enough plays to win close defensive games, then his play at this time doesn't even meet MINIMUM requirements. And currently he cannot overcome his multitude of mistakes with big plays.

We need to spend the rest of this season assessing CK7 progress. Now you may think that goes on every week. I'm here to tell you, it does not. CK7 is a project and we must decide if we want to hitch our wagon to him, and for how much of an investment we want to make. Again, if you believe this game was about special teams, or a blown call, you are missing big picture.

I don't want anyone to think that I know what the answer is to the question of CK7. But I know for a fact that any calls for me to take emotion out of assessing CK7, I believe the same must be said to those who want to commit to him. I'm more concerned with harbaugh and company not being too emotional in this decision. When you chose a guy, it's difficult to change course. Let's be honest, harbaugh has a lot riding on CK7 success.

I hope the team can remain professional, whether we make the the playoffs or not. Because I assure you it is not guaranteed by any means. If our defensive play just drops a little, we are a .500 team at best, because our offense is simply not consistent and our QB is its most inconsistent player.

Now if I get responses that claim, the 49ers have 2 to 4 sure wins on our schedule, then I have one thing to say to you. YOU ARE A DELUSIONAL IDIOT! And you have no clue about the extent of our QB's issues as a young 2nd year starter.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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