Golden Nuggets: Sit-Down Sunday

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Saturday, November 2, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

The 49ers bye week is often the most boring Sunday for me, but I appreciate the need for it. Aside from extra time to heal up nagging injuries, we have quite a few new additions/returns to the roster and the extra week of work will do them good. Of course we know that Harbaugh-led teams perform very well with extra rest and preparation (9-0-1 record when playing with more than the usual 6 days between games), so the team should be ready for their next home game against the Carolina Panthers on 11/11.

Aldon's Return

Is Aldon Smith on the roster or is he not? | 49ers get one-week exemption for Aldon Smith (SJMN)

Not to worry because Trent's on top of it. | Baalke: 49ers have 'well-structured plan' for Aldon Smith (Maiocco)

What the captain of the defense expects from Aldon going forward (Video). | Patrick Willis Talks Aldon Smith (ESPN)

Team Notes

Who's your first half team MVPs for offense and defense? | Midseason awards: Gore, Bowman headline first half (Branch)

The roles are reversed this year and it's the 49ers trying to chase down the Seahawks for the NFC West crown. | 49ers midseason report: Can they overtake the Seahawks? (Inman)

A look ahead at the teams picks for next year's NFL Draft. | Chiefs' hot start assures 49ers another second-round pick (Maiocco)

More about Kevin McDermott, the 49ers new long snapper this year. | McDermott Most Anonymous 49er - As He Likes It (49ers)

The Niners rookie class: what a difference a year makes. | Niners' Rookies Playing Key Roles (NBC)

Past and Present

There is only one GOAT. | Calvin Johnson is not better than Jerry Rice (BASG)

What's your best Candlestick moment? | Poll: Vote for your favorite San Francisco 49ers moments at Candlestick Park (SJMN)

Remembering the 38-35 come-from-behind victory against the New Orleans Saint in 1980. | 49ers at Candlestick Park: The greatest comeback (SJMN)

Mixed Bag

This is not 49ers-related but it's an interesting look at what can be done with the NFL's anti-taunting rule. | Some suggested tweaks to the NFL's taunting policy (BASG)

Bill Barnwell assesses how the read-option offense has fared this year after defenses have had an off-season to prepare for it. | Read-Option Progress Report (Grantland)


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