If Offense Played Defense

Ok, here's part TWO. This is my All-Pro team if offense played defense. I'm employing a 3-4 defense since that is what the 49ers run. Let me know what you guys think. And thanks for reading!

Right Outside Linebacker - Jason Witten: This guy would fit perfectly on defense. He's tough, gritty, and solid. Always dependable. He wouldn't be a great pass rusher, maybe only as good as Paul Kruger, but he would be a wall in run stopping. He could set the edge against any tackle. He's the workhorse, the guy everyone on the team looks to when they're tired and can't go no more, and then find their second wind once they see Witten is still pushing.

Right Defensive End - Joe Staley: I look at Staley and I see a bigger Justin Smith, crazy as that sounds. Smith ran a 4.6 while Staley ran a 4.7 40 yard. Staley is also 30 pounds heavier than Smith. Staley would be perfect anywhere on the defensive line. We already know he's the best run blocking tackle in the NFL, so we know he's powerful. He pushes 300lb lineman every play and wins. He would demand a double team every play.

Nose Tackle - Anthony Davis: Davis would no longer have to worry about pass blocking. All he would have to do is push, push, and push. He, along with Staley, is considered one of the best run blockers in the league. It's only natural that he would dominate on the other side of the line. Like Staley, Davis would face double teams almost every play because one man cannot handle all that size and all that power by himself.

Left Defensive End - Mike Iupati: The Haloti Ngata of offensive lineman. Now I don't know for sure, but almost everyone says Iupati is the most agile and powerful guard in the NFL due to all of his pull blocking. I tend to agree when I watch him. He would translate well to defense because of his ability to get low and push just about everyone back. I've yet to see Iupati get stood up by anyone. I mean, with Staley and Davis commanding double teams, there wouldn't be enough people to block Iupati.

Left Outside Linebacker - Calvin Johnson: The biggest physical freak in the National Freak League would BOSS here. He's only 230lbs, so once he added 10-15lbs, no one would be able to push him. Johnson would be a monster rushing the passer. He's so long and so tall, that even if he didn't reach the passer, he tip and deflect every ball coming his way.

Inside Linebacker - Delanie Walker: Walker is basically a mirror image of NaVorro Bowman with just smaller shoulder pads. He has the speed and size of a prototypical MLB. He's proven he can lead block exceptionally well, so I don't see him having any problems filling holes and meeting lead blockers. For God's sake, he played only a month after breaking his jaw in 2011, he's built to be a linebacker, someone bred for constant contact.

Inside Linebacker - Marshawn Lynch: The way Lynch runs, you'd think he was made to be scraping linebacker. His feet are always three feet apart, he's always squared up. He'd be ready to meet any running back in the hole or open space. Every time Lynch lowers his shoulder, he wins. He'd be one of the hardest hitting linebackers in the league. My only worry would be his coverage skills. The way he moves, it looks like he's only meant to move forward. He'd probably trip every time he back pedaled.

Right Cornerback - CJ Spiller: My defensive backfield would be full of freaks. Freak speed, freak size, and freak athleticism. It all starts with Spiller's speed: 4.27. That's fast. Really fast. And he can move. He gets in and out of cuts quick. Even without any training, I could see him easily shadowing any receiver in the league. He wouldn't need any safety help either. I'd leave him in man and just keep on going with my day feeling safe and secure.

Strong Safety - Vernon Davis: At 6'3'', with 4.3 speed and 250lbs of weight, Davis would absolutely demolish running backs in run support. He could keep up with any running back or wide receiver in the league and has the size to match up with any tight end as well. There really isn't a better suited player to play safety than Davis. The only concern would be his tendency to avoid contact. He tries to avoid defenders to much on offense, but maybe that's just to lengthen his career. But man, when people do hit him, they just bounce off. It's really incredible.

Free Safety - Adrian Peterson: Peterson is my Ronnie Lott. By that I mean ball-hawk, big hitter, and intimidator. Like Davis, he has the size and speed to keep up with anyone on the field. Peterson has fast feet and quick lateral movement, so changing directions in coverage is no problem for him. Every time he got an interception or fumble recovery, it would be a house call. Who could tackle him? No one.

Left Cornerback - Reggie Bush: Bush just fits here. He's fast enough to keep up with every receiver in the league and the size to never get bullied. His natural talent is just insane. He's fluid, his hips are like water (able to quickly change directions) and he has ball skills. He can go up and get the ball. Bush is like a bigger Deion, just a little bit slower.

There are a couple things I learned.

1. I don't pay enough attention to offensive lineman to accurately project which ones would be best suited to play defensive line. I really only know how good my offensive lineman are. But hell, who knows, maybe Iupati, Staley and Davis are the best suited lineman to make that transition. They certainly seem like it.

2.This league is full of freaks of nature.

3. The biggest freak of them all, Johnson, was the hardest to put anywhere. Jimmy Graham, Cam Newton, and all those other big guys don't really fit well on defense. There just isn't anywhere they translate well. In the end, I couldn't leave out Johnson, so I maybe reached to much putting him at OLB.

4. That backfield is scary! Davis and Peterson patrolling with 10-20 yards of room to reach full speed? Man. If only.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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