Do you believe the very different views on CK7 struggles are being dictated by the old Alex debate?

As I've been reading comment after comment, I'm starting to believe that the biases that come with that old debate are keeping many from seeing the big picture, and people are entrenching themselves to a view point.

Well let me be the first to throw out the olive branch, because a 100 years war serves no purpose and would only alienate one side of the fan base. I want to start by saying regardless of whether kaepernick is our QB of the future, or if he turns out to be a top 5 starter, he helped lead us to a Super Bowl, when our defense was really spotty and unlike itself. He almost won it for us too, so I am forever grateful for the memory, even with the loss.

Let me also say I don't believe Alex's skill set would have made that probable for him to accomplish and harbaugh's decision was correct, even if I disagree with how he carried it out. But with that said, I would like to ask kaepernick supporters to concede something. Is it not very possible that the kaepernick decision, could have been the correct one short term, a good solid long term risk to take, but in the end, one that doesn't work out?

Now I'm not saying we are anywhere close to knowing the answer to that. We must give kaepernick at least another year and possibly two, as long as he isn't regressing further.

This is important because as an organization we have some important personnel decisions to make. And in my eyes those decisions are going to dictate our long term success as an organization. And not whether we beat Washington, or go to the playoffs, and not even if we won the super bowl this year.

Think about it like this, let's say Alex led us to the Super Bowl over the giants, and we beat new England, would that mean we would be obligated to have given Alex some crazy contract? I think that would be crazy and I was an Alex supporter. Alex isn't the type of QB you give that contract to; he is a support player and not a consistent difference maker.

Kaepernick must be viewed the same way. There is no reason for the 49ers and especially the fans to entrench themselves into the belief that it is kaepernick or bust. We have a great coaching staff that has shown itself to be very versatile. Think about the fact that they have gone to back to back NFC title games with two very different QBs.

They shouldn't have to prove themselves to us, it's a young player like kaepernick or a mediocre veteran like Alex that should have to prove themselves. I'm personally tired of the roman bashing, and I do believe Roman has had issues with play calling in the past. But he also has been pretty impressive as well.

All of us should be supporting the coaching staff, and demand that these players prove it on the field. We shouldn't be beholden to any one player especially an unproven one, no matter what you think his potential is.

Now with clear heads lets support kaepernick with whatever we think he may need to make this season as successful as possible. But let's not handcuff the team and it's future with analysis of him as a player, dictated by a he must be the messiah or were doomed train of thought.

Kaepernick's long term success shouldn't affect your views of harbaugh or roman in my opinion because I believe they have been doing their job. It's now time for kaepernick to do his. If he can't, no hard feelings, no back biting over Alex what ifs, let's just move on and find the right guy for the job.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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