Uncalled holds & CLANS analysis

While Seattle fans are busy trying to convince themselves that Vernon Davis was holding, lets take a closer look at some real holds. I'm going to skip over the well documented and gif'd Crabtree play where he was smashed in the face and tackled long before the ball got there. I'll give that play a CLANS score of 95, but let's check out some other stuff.

Q3 6:27 - Crabtree with a 4 yard completion


This play is beautiful in so many ways. First, being that Sherman is desperately trying to grab Crabtree's shoulder pad, as instructed by his secondary coach. Secondly, Crabs managed to break the hold with relative ease and picked up 4 yards on first down. Finally, Sherman and some coach frantically signalling for a push off on Crabtree, which is downright comical. Since Crabtree broke the hold quickly, I'm going to give it a CLANS score of 50. Sherman could have easily been flagged, but fortunately we got some yards out of it and a first down run on the next play.

I guess before I continue, I should make sure everyone knows what CLANS is. If you've been living under a rock and are unaware, CLANS stands for Call Likelihood Against Non Seahawks. It's the measurement model for determining the likelihood of drawing a penalty for the majority of NFL teams and players. It's measured on a 0-100 scoring system, 0 being interpreted as "never going to get called" and 100 as "it's going to get called every time." Of course, few things would actually merit a full 100, since NFL officials really are that bad and inconsistent.

Q4 15:00 - Kaepernick Sacked


All 22 shows this the best, with Boldin in the slot. As you'll see in the gif, Sherman latches on for dear life after Boldin jukes him inside. The line of scrimmage is just past our 45 and Sherman is holding Boldin for about 10 yards. Boldin manages to get a little separation, but Kap couldn't throw the ball during the mugging and risk an INT. You'll note that Chancellor was a little bit outside the 5 yard zone as he held onto VD, but that contact started within 5 yards and wasn't as blatant as Sherman's. I'll give this a 75 on the CLANS on this drive killing non-call and sack.

Q3 12:36 - Kap with an 8 yard run


While an 8 yard run is decent, there's a big play to Crabtree if Maxwell doesn't attempt to get a piggy back ride from Crabtree. I have no idea how the refs missed this one, as they had 2 distinct holds to call. First you have the clothesline hold to Crab's right shoulder and then you get another on the left shoulder grab. Props to Crabtree for throwing that punk off him, since the refs cannot be counted on to call even the most obvious holds. The mugging allowed the LB to get between Crabs and Kap. There was a small window to still complete the pass, but I can't blame Kap for taking the easy 8 over risking an INT deep in Niners territory. I've got to give this a CLANS score of 99.

There's a few other examples during the game, but these were probably the worst outside of the face-checking I mentioned above as well documented. The only reasonable conclusions out of this game are (1) Seattle got away with more than they got called for, despite Sherman's crying and (2) Seattle DB's must be coached to grab the shoulderpad. It happens virtually every play in press coverage.

Oh, and by the way, Vernon's "hold" on Gore's big run is a 2 on the CLANS scoring model.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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