There appears to be a lot of fear or anxiety on NN going into the Packers playoff game

I'm surprised usually you guys are in full homer mode. But it also appears that the fear is based on boogeymen, and not real monsters. There is no doubt this will be a close and competitive game that we can lose, but we are the better team, and if we play up to our ability I don't think the Packer's best can be the 49er's best. The media and greenbay fans will want to cling to storylines or some specific narrative that gets you to contemplate the idea that Rodgers and the packers are a team being driven by fate, destiny, or the mystique of Lambeau.

Screw all that nonsense, the 49ers are the better team, they just need to play as a team, and up to their ability.

My few concerns:

I really don't have many but I have noticed the last two weeks our pass rush has been lacking which is why we've been giving up more yards in the air. The secondary has been forced to hold coverage too long.

I also believe that we are going to have to trust kaepernick more on short yardage downs (3rd and 1 or 2), to get the first down with his arm or legs. I'm not advocating moving away from our strength I just believe we need to mix up our play calls in those situations. It's time to give him our trust and see if he can maintain it.

But I see more to be hopeful about:

Our OL is is back together and played well against a strong Arizona pass rush. They didn't get much going in the run game but I actually thought Gore had a bad game with his decision making in how he attacked the hole. I thought he missed a lot of opportunities to get 3 yards by choosing to slide outside looking for another crease which was leading to no gain or negative gains.

I think as a team we are tackling well and everyone on the defense seems to be in position most of the time to make the play.

Kap and the passing offense seem right on the cusp of really exploding. I think Kap has had enough success late in the season that he is going into the playoffs with confidence, and that is really important.

Sure the close calls in the last two games have me on edge, but Atlanta took Carolina right to the edge, and the cardinals are a good team that was playing at home and they had some momentum coming into the game. I was really impressed by this win because I just didn't believe we could match arizona's intensity. But 49ers came out focused and when things bogged down, and seemed to be slipping away, it would have been easy for the 49ers to fold mentally. We were already in the playoffs, so this game really didn't mean much. But they didn't fold and they made the plays when they needed to.

The intensity level is going to be ratched up, and I believe you will see the pass rush back with a vengeance come Sunday. Greenbay may have the best QB in the game but we have the much better team. If we play the way we are capable of I don't care how well greenbay plays they shouldn't be able to beat us. So I say turn the lights on and you will see there aren't any boogeymen, just a flawed packers team with a great QB, but not anything we haven't faced before.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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