2013 Mock Offseason v1.1

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Fooch's Note: While I disagree with some of the moves the author has made, this is a great example of really going all out with a FanPost. We don't have to be experts to engage in the always entertaining mental exercise of sorting through an offseason. Feel free to go to town in the comments with your opinions of the moves or your own suggestions for the 49ers offseason.

***2/21/13 - Update to v1.1: Fixed my error of double-drafting Xavier Rhodes, as well as the trickle-down for subsequent changes in draft choices caused by this.

DISCLAIMER: This post will be long. I know that my guesses of what I think could happen have zero impact on whether they will happen or not. I will try my best to update it when changes happen.


Release (Non-FA):
K - David Akers ($3.62M)
WR - Kyle Williams ($0.65M)
LB - Parys Haralson ($2.78M)
WR - Chad Hall ($0.55M)


Let Go (FA): We may end up resigning some of these players, but not until they test the market.
CB - Tramain Brock
RG - Leonard Davis
DT - Isaac Sopoaga
KR - Ted Ginn Jr.
LB - Tavares Gooden
LB - Larry Grant
LB - Clark Haggans
NT - Ricky Jean-Francois
WR - Randy Moss
TE - Delanie Walker

Resign (FA):
FS/SS - Darcel McBath One Year, $0.60M
File_mediumI'm a Texas Tech fan, so I'm biased.

FS - Dashon Goldson Four Years, $29.00M
2013: $8.0M, 2014: $7.5M, 2015: $7.0M, 2016: $6.5M
Fifth Year Option (Mutual): 17: $6.5M
158451172This hit cost $21K.

Lets Take a look at our roster prior to Free Agency and the Draft. This way, if I missed anyone in the "Release" or "Let Go" section, we are clear on who is left on the team.

QB: Kaepernick, Smith, Tolzien
HB: Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon, Hampton
FB: Miller
WR: Crabtree, Manningham, Jenkins
TE: Davis, Celek
OT: Davis, Staley
OG: Iupati, Boone, Looney
OC: Goodwin, Kilgore
DE: J Smith, A Smith, McDonald, Dobbs
DT: Williams
OLB: Brooks, Fleming
ILB: Willis, Bowman
CB: Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Cox
FS: Goldson, McBath, Robinson
SS: Whitner, Spillman
P: Lee
LS: Jennings

40 Roster Spots are listed above, which means we have 13 positions to fill via Trade, Free Agency, and the Draft. Lets look at Free Agency first, followed by Trades, followed by the Draft. I imagine that all three will be mixed with each other chronologically, but I want to break it up.

Free Agency
DT Sammie Lee Hill Three Years, $5.25M
2013: $1.50M, 2014: 1.75M, 2015: 2.00M
He is a huge Tackle that has been stuck behind Suh, Fairley, and Williams on the Lions. He will immediately be ahead of Ian Williams on our Depth Chart. I could see this going all the way up to 3/$6.75M, but probably not. Feel free to tell me if I am way off base here.

DE William Hayes Two Years, $1.95M with up to $1.00M in performance bonuses
2013: $0.95M, 2014: $1.00M
Bonuses: $0.25M - 5+ TFL/Sacks
$0.25M - 40+ Tackles
William Hayes should immediately give McDonald and Dobbs problems. I believe he would be the first one to spell either of the Smiths, and should be good for 25+ snaps per game. However, Jeff Fisher may want to keep him, so he may not be available. If not, another option for a similar contract would be Wallace Gilberry.

WR Danny Amendola Four Years, $11.00M with up to $2.00 in roster bonuses
2013: $3.00M, 2014: 2.50M, 2015: $3.00M, 2016, $2.50M
Bonus: On 53 Man roster for 16 games - $0.50M per season

Amendola could come in and be our inside threat opposite of Vernon Davis in a 3 WR set. With this signing, plus a mid-to-late round draft choice, our receiving corps should be set.

Before going through and determining which players and/or draft picks should be traded, I will list our assets available for trade.

Players - QB Smith, HB Hunter or James (not both), WR Manningham, CB Rogers, SS Whitner
Draft - 2013: 1.31, 2.29, 3.12, 3.31, 4.31, COMP, 5.24, 5.31, 6.12, 6.31, COMP, 7.21, 7.31, COMP
All future picks, rounds 1-7

After free agency, 43 roster spots are filled, with 10 remaining.

Our most valuable trade asset is Alex Smith. Alex Smith is coming off of two solid-to-great seasons. For the first time in his career (going back to college), he has had the same offensive coordinator two years in a row. He has proven that he is an above average starter given the right circumstances. In addition to being the best bet at QB among those already in the NFL and available for trade, this is a weak draft for quarterbacks. That boosts his value.

What is his market? Well, he's not going to the following teams: Lions, Bears, Packers, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Seahawks, Rams, Raiders, Colts, Texans, Steelers, Bengals, or Patriots. I give Alex Smith a 95% chance of NOT going to any of those teams. The next group of teams probably have no interest in trading for Alex Smith, but could make things interesting.

The Chargers, Broncos, Vikings, Buccaneers and Ravens already have starting QBs that have been considered Franchise-level in their careers. The Broncos are not likely to be a candidate unless we hear any rumblings about Peyton Manning having a sore neck or another surgery. That is the only reason I threw them into this category. The Chargers have three more years committed to Rivers, who is coming off of two disappointing seasons. They are also unlikely but you never know. The Vikings are interesting. They have two more years left on Christian Ponder's rookie contract at only about $3M per season. Ponder has been decent, but not very good. The Vikings would be a scary team with a decent QB and AD. The Bucs have Freeman for one more year, and while he has shown flashes of brilliance, he has been inconsistent. Now we come to the Ravens... Joe Flacco just won the Super Bowl MVP. His agent claims that regardless of who signs him, Flacco WILL be the highest paid QB ever. Quick Trivia... Name Joe Flacco's backup! If you said Tyrod Taylor, you know that the Ravens have NO leverage in this negotiation. It may not be fair to Alex, but the Ravens could trade for him to gain leverage against Joe Flacco. Once Flacco is signed for less than his agent originally wanted, they could flip Smith to another team. Like I said, it may not be fair to all parties involved, but it could save several million dollars.

The group most likely to make a run for Alex Smith includes the following teams: Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Titans, Chiefs, and Cardinals. The Dolphins will probably stick with Tannehill. The Titans will probably stick with Locker. The Browns recently drafted Weeden, but will they stick with him? The bills will probably cut Fitzpatrick by March. Rex Ryan will probably be stubborn and continue with Sanchez. That leaves the Chiefs, Bills, and Cardinals. Unless the Cardinals make an amazing offer, I doubt that we trade him in the division. I also have doubts as to whether they give up on Kolb yet, so I don't think they will make an amazing offer. That leaves the Chiefs and Bills. I think that Andy Reid would prefer not to use the #1 overall pick on this year's QB class, which he will be pressured to do unless he trades for a starter. OK, with that setup that took way longer to type than I expected it to over with, let's look at the details of an Alex Smith trade. 49erFanSince1950 did a lot of work discussing this in his post.

49ers give up:
QB Alex Smith
#74 Pick (3.12)
#125 Pick (4.31)
#157 Pick (5.31)

49ers receive:
#34 Pick (2.2)
2014 1st (KC)
2014 3rd-6th - conditional (6th = less than 16 starts, 5th = 16 starts, 4th = playoff appearance, 3rd = Super Bowl appearance)
NT Jerrelle Powe

Instant analysis - Andy Reid has a starting QB and the #1 pick. 49ers now have four picks in the first 100 as well as two first rounders next year. The 49ers have reduced their total draft picks this year by two.

The next trade will be to move up in the first round. I'd like to keep #34 that we just got in the Smith trade. Let's package #31, next year's #1 (SF), #61, and CB Carlos Rogers for a top 10 pick. Out of the top 10, the Raiders, Eagles, Lions and Browns are (IMO) the teams with the need for additional picks. Of these four teams, the Raiders and Browns are both without a second round pick this year. I think they are strong candidates to trade down. I will continue with the Raiders, but a minor shuffling of numbers could be made to make this trade with the Browns.


49ers give up:
CB Carlos Rogers
#31 Pick (1.31)
2014 1st Rd. (SF)
#61 Pick (2.31)

49ers receive:
#3 Pick (1.3)
2014 3rd (OAK)
#162 Pick (6.4)

That's it for now. I may mock some minor trades during the draft, but I'm trying to mock everything in the order I think they might happen. You will notice that I did not trade Manningham, Hunter, Whitner, or James. That doesn't mean I don't think any of them will be traded, just not prior to the draft.

Let's breakdown our roster again after these changes.

QB: Kaepernick, Tolzien
HB: Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon, Hampton
FB: Miller
WR: Crabtree, Manningham, Amendola, Jenkins
TE: Davis, Celek
OT: Davis, Staley
OG: Iupati, Boone, Looney
OC: Goodwin, Kilgore
DE: J Smith, A Smith, Hayes, McDonald, Dobbs
DT: Hill, Williams, Powe
OLB: Brooks, Fleming
ILB: Willis, Bowman
CB: Brown, Culliver, Cox
FS: Goldson, McBath, Robinson
SS: Whitner, Spillman
P: Lee
LS: Jennings

That's 43 roster spots (10 empty). Let's take a look at our 12 draft picks.

1.3, 2.2, 3.31, COMP (4th), 5.24, 6.4, 6.12, 6.31, COMP (6th), 7.21, 7.31, COMP (7th)

MOCK DRAFT (as many rounds as I can go before I lose it)
Day 1

1. Kansas City Chiefs select OT Luke Joeckel. Andy Reid has his starting QB (Smith). Now Joeckel can immediately step in at LT to protect him.
2. Jacksonville Jaguars select QB Geno Smith. Blaine Gabbert will probably start the season as the starter, but will immediately be on the hot seat. The new rookie salary structure makes this possible.
----3. San Francisco 49ers: Let's think about this. The obvious options available here are DE Moore and NT Lotulelei. This is a deep draft for defensive tackles, so we can address that later if we need to. Do we want to use the #3 pick in the draft for a player who will be in a rotation behind Smith and Smith? Why did we trade up if we are going to be asking these questions? The teams who will want this pick the most are as follows: JAX, SD, IND, MIA, TEN, DET, PHI, and ARI. According to the Draft Value Chart, the Lion's #5 and #36 are a pretty close match to #3, but the Eagles may want to outbid by offering #4 and #35. Let's just say that they get into a bidding war and the Lions win with #5, #36, and a 2014 3rd. We make the trade.
3. Detroit Lions select DE Damontre Moore. They just cut Vandenbosch, and they may not be able to sign Avril. This is a position of need for them. Moore will shore up a line that already has Suh and Fairley on the inside.
4. Philadelphia Eagles select NT Star Lotulelei. It is hard for a team to switch to a 3-4 defense without a Nose Tackle. Chip Kelly gets the best NT in the draft.
5. San Francisco 49ers select DE/OLB Bjoern Werner. He should start out in the same fashion as Aldon Smith, and be a third down + rotation DE in year one. It gives us the option to decide whether or not to resign Justin Smith next offseason. Werner could also play opposite Brooks as an OLB, but I think he is more suited at DE.
6. Cleveland Browns select DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo. The Browns need help at WR, CB, SS, DE, OLB, QB, OG, and ILB. Out of all those positions, the best player available is Mingo. He will probably play at OLB at his size/speed.
7. Arizona Cardinals select OT Eric Fisher. I think Lane Johnson has more upside, but he also has only played on the O-Line for two years, and may have an injury concern. This tips the scales in favor of Eric Fisher, who should immediately bolster the LT position for whoever plays QB next year.
8. Buffalo Bills select DE/OLB Ezekiel Ansah. The Bills need someone to compliment Mario Williams. Mark Anderson isn't going to cut it. The Bills also need to upgrade QB and ILB with first round talent, but either of those at #8 would be a big reach.
New York Jets trade #9 and 2014 4th to Rams for #22, #46, and #110. The Jets have a new GM and too many holes to fill. The Rams have an extra pick in the first round. This trade makes sense for both teams.
9. St. Louis Rams select OT Lane Johnson. Saffold can move back to his natural position of RT and be a huge upgrade over Richardson. Johnson will be an upgrade over Saffold at LT as well.. This pick improves two positions.
10. Tennessee Titans select S Kenny Vaccaro. Vaccaro is an immediate upgrade over Babineaux. Titans also need first round quality help at OG, DE, and CB.
11. San Diego Chargers select OG Chance Warmack. You don't usually see Guards this high, but Warmack is the BPA on a team with many holes to fill. OG is one of those needs, so he fits here.
12. Miami Dolphins select WR Keenan Allen. Hartline or Bess would make a fine option for a second and third receiving option. If the Dolphins believe in Tannehill, they need to get him a #1 target. Allen is the #1 WR in this draft class.
13. Tamba Bay Buccaneers select CB Dee Milliner. No brainer.
14. Carolina Panthers select DT Sheldon Richardson. Quick, name the top two DTs on the Panthers. Answer: Dwan Edwards and Sione Fua. Not anymore after signing Colin Cole and Drafting Richardson.
15. New Orleans Saints select OLB Jarvis Jones. The Saints may try to trade out of this spot since they had to forfeit their second round pick. Jarvis Jones dropping this far has made them reconsider.
16. St. Louis Rams select DT Sharrif Floyd. The Rams get to address two of their four biggest needs in the first 16 picks. They still need help at Safety and Receiver, but they have more picks to address those issues later.
17. Pittsburgh Steelers select DE/OLB Dion Jordan. DE is probably the biggest weakness the Steelers have other than a lack of depth. Jordan can replace one of the backups masquerading as a starter, most likely Ziggy Hood.
18. Dallas Cowboys select DT Jesse Williams. Matt Barkley may be enticing here since Romo is about to be 33 and isn't getting any better. The BPA is one of the Cowboys only strengths. They skip CB Rhodes and go for Jesse Williams.
19. New York Giants select OG Jonathan Cooper. The left side of their line is pretty barren, and they are set at CB.
20. Chicago Bears select LB Alec Ogletree. Is Ogletree better than his old teammate, Jarvis Jones?
21. Cincinatti Bengals select ILB Manti T'eo. Its the Bengals, how could they not pick T'eo?
22. New York Jets select CB Xavier Rhodes. Now they have incentive to trade Revis for more picks.
23. Minnesota Vikings select WR Cordarrelle Patterson. Adrian Peterson somehow managed to get almost 2100 yards even though everyone knew he was getting the ball. This pick makes even more sense when you look at the stories coming out about Percy Harvin lately.
24. Indianapolis Colts select CB Jonathan Banks. BPA at a position of need. You can expect the next pick to be on offense.
----Seattle Seahawks trade #25 to the New England Patriots for #29 and 2014 3rd (NE). The Patriots always seem to make this kind of trade, don't they? Xavier Rhodes is not available, so there is no reason for the Patriots to trade up.
25. New England Patriots select CB Xavier Rhodes. Besides Talib, the Patriots don't have much in terms of CBs.
25. Seattle Seahawks select WR Tavon Austin. He seems like a Pete Carroll type of guy. He will upgrade the WR position. He will also take over on special teams as a returner.
26. Green Bay Packers select HB Eddie Lacy. Nobody on the Packers broke 500 yards rushing last year. Nobody on the Packers rushed for more than 2 TDs last year. I'd say that the best HB in the draft would help.
27. Houston Texans select OT DJ Fluker. This pick is a toss-up between Fluker and ILB Kevin Minter. I decided that there is more uncertainty at the Tackle position because Cushing will probably be back in full form.
28. Denver Broncos select TE Zach Ertz. This pick seems like it was made for Denver. Imagine if Peyton Manning had one more weapon.
29. Seattle Seahawks select WR Tavon Austin. He seems like a Pete Carroll type of guy. He will upgrade the WR position. He will also take over on special teams as a returner.
29. New England Patriots select CB Xavier Rhodes CB Desmond Trufant. Besides Talib, the Patriots don't have much in terms of CBs. Trufant is the BPA at CB.
30. Atlanta Falcons select DE Datone Jones. John Abraham is about to turn 35 and is nowhere near as good as he used to be.
31. Oakland Raiders select DE Margus Hunt. Hunt has the measurables that the Raiders love.
32. Baltimore Ravens select ILB Kevin Minter. He has some big shoes to fill.

Day 2
33. Jacksonville Jaguars select DE Alex Okafor. The Jaguars had the fewest sacks in the NFL last year.
34. San Francisco 49ers select FS Eric Reid. We can be flexible with this. Goldson or Reid can play at either FS or SS. Personally, I think Reid is better than Vaccaro.
35. Philadelphia Eagles select QB EJ Manuel. Don't think that Vick is going to be Chip Kelly's long term answer at QB just because he signed a contract.
----San Francisco 49ers trade #36 and 2014 5th to Jets for 2014 1st and #134.
36. New York Jets select QB Matt Barkley. The Mark Sanchez era is not over, but it is on its last legs. Will they really draft another USC QB?
37. Cincinnati Bengals select DE Sam Montgomery. CB Desmond Trufant is also an option here, but DE is a bigger need for the Bengals.
38. Arizona Cardinals select QB Mike Glennon. I would imagine that once he is familiar with the playbook, it will be Glennon vs. Kolb, and at the very least Kolb will be relegated to bench duty by game 1 of 2014.
39. New York Jets select OT Dallas Thomas. Thomas has played full seasons at Tackle and Guard. He probably needs to play RT at the NFL level, which is exactly what the Jets need after drafting a CB and QB already.
40. Tennessee Titans select CB Desmond Trufant CB Jamar Taylor. As I stated earlier, the Titans also need help at CB, and they manage to get it in the second round due to a mini QB run from 35-38. Jamar Taylor has a similar size, speed, and playing style, but Trufant is rated higher. Since Trufant is no longer available, the Titans go with Taylor.
41. Buffalo Bills select WR Deandre Hopkins. If Barkley, Glennon, Minter, or T'eo were still available they would have been the pick here, but they address a big need by adding a WR to compliment Stevie Johnson.
42. Miami Dolphins select OT Kyle Long. Yes, he is Jake's younger brother. Had he played football throughout his college career like Jake, he most likely would be a top 10 pick. However, he has only played on the line for two seasons.
43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select OLB Arthur Brown. This could wind up being the steal of the draft. However, I could also see Brown going in the top 20 if he has an awesome Combine/Pro Day. The Bucs drafted Lavonte David in the second round because he was a little too short to go in the top 15, and look how productive he has been.
44. Carolina Panthers select WR Terrance Williams. Williams should be the #2 receiver for the next couple years and the eventual successor to Steve Smith.
45. San Diego Chargers select CB Jordan Poyer. Poyer needs more time to learn the CB position (previously a safety), and Jammer is 34 and badly regressing. He should be the #3 CB on the roster even though he is most likely the most talented.
46. New York Jets select SS Matt Elam. Landry WILL get resigned at FS for a lot of money. Bell is 35 and is a Free Agent.
47. Dallas Cowboys select C Barrett Jones. They addressed the middle of their D-Line already. Now they are addressing the middle of their O-Line.
48. Pittsburgh Steelers select WR Robert Woods. Mike Wallace, after demanding Fitzgerald money has had about a million drops and is a free agent. I don't think he will be back.
49. New York Giants select CB Logan Ryan. Now they should have at least an average secondary.
50. Chicago Bears select OT Chris Faulk. He could end up being one of the best players out of the 100+ LSU players in this draft. He could go anywhere from Round 1 to Round 4. I see him going here.
----Washington Redskins trade #51 and 2014 5th (WAS) to the Atlanta Falcons for #92, #156 and 2014 2nd (ATL). You didn't think the Redskins were going to make it through Round 2 without any trades did you?
51. Atlanta Falcons select DT Jonathan Hankins. The Falcons were pretty sure that the Vikings would take their man if they didn't move up to get him.
52. Minnesota Vikings select DT John Jenkins. The Falcons didn't realize that the Vikings preferred Jenkins anyway.
53. Cincinatti Bengals select RB Giovani Bernard. Do you honestly think that the Law Firm is a long term option here? Bernard should spend the offseason working on his size. He should start the season as the COP back. By the end of the season he will be the starter.
54. Miami Dolphins select CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson. He jumps up the charts because of his measurables. Darius Slay was also considered but is slightly slower. He also replaces Vontae Davis, who was traded for this pick.
55. Green Bay Packers select WR Aaron Dobson. Greg Jennings retired. Nelson and Cobb are complimentary receivers, but neither are suited to play #1.
56. Seattle Seahawks select OT David Bhaktiari. Should immediatly start over Giacomini at RT.
57. Houston Texans select WR Da'Rick Rogers. Andre Johnson isn't getting any younger and still doesn't have a legitimate #2 WR. I don't think Schaub will mind the Texans spending their first two picks upgrading the O Line and Receiving Corps.
----Denver Broncos trade #58 to the Chicago Bears for #146 and 2014 2nd (CHI).
58. Chicago Bears select TE Tyler Eifert. The Bears have addressed their three biggest needs within the first 60 picks. Their next biggest need is a guard.
59. New England Patriots select DT Kawann Short. They always seem to get a potential first round pick late in the second round. I'm not sure how they manage to do it, but they did it again.
60. Atlanta Falcons select C Travis Frederick. Wisconsin knows how to make linemen. Atlanta has a 36 year old FA playing Center.
61. Oakland Raiders select DT Brandon Williams. In 61 picks, there have been 8 DTs. There's another drop-off in talent after Williams.
62. Baltimore Ravens select SS/FS Jonathan Cyprien. Ed Reed WILL be back, but he is only going to be around for another 1-3 seasons. When the time comes Cyprien seems like a worthy replacement.

Round 3
63. Kansas City Chiefs select WR Quinton Patton. Even if they manage to keep Bowe, WR is a need. Expect the next pick to be on D though.
64. Jacksonville Jaguars select OLB Sio Moore. His only big weakness is being a little bit short. He's a three year starter who plays the run and pass well. He should start right away.
65. Detroit Lions select FS Phillip Thomas. His stock is relatively low because he missed a full year due to a broken leg, but he seemed fine last season and the Lions need help in the secondary.
66. Oakland Raiders select ILB Nico Johnson. The Raiders could go through this draft addressing only their Defense, but they won't.
67. Philadelphia Eagles select OT Menelik Watson. Chip Kelly was hoping that Kyle Long would be available here, but since he isn't he will go with the next best option.
----Cleveland Browns trade #68, #194, and 2014 5th (CLE) to Dallas Cowboys for #80, #144, #175 and 2014 4th (DAL). The Browns said "We are drafting Tyler Wilson unless someone else wants him. They had to forfeit their second round pick, so they want to pick up an extra spot if the price is right.
68. Dallas Cowboys select QB Tyler Wilson. Jerry Jones loves Arkansas grads. Tony Romo is 33. Tony Romo needs motivation to get better. Maybe Tyler Wilson chomping at the bit will be what Romo needs.
69. Arizona Cardinals select OLB Sean Porter. Porter and Arthur Brown suffered from a similar problem (height) but it cost Porter a bit more. Porter looks to be a versatile addition to the LB corps.
70. Tennessee Titans select TE Travis Kelce. The converted QB has the size and speed, but needs to get better at running routes. He is a solid blocker and a good value at #70 overall.
71. Buffalo Bills select CB Jamar Taylor QB Ryan Nassib. They just cut Terrence McGee and need to replace that production. They were hoping to get one of the first round QBs in the second round, but will have to "settle" for getting a second round QB in the third round. In my opinion, choice #2 works out better for them in the short and long term.
72. New York Jets select OT Terron Armstead. In week 16, Greg McElroy was sacked ELEVEN times... in ONE game.
----Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade #73 and 2014 6th (TB) to the Baltimore Ravens for #94 and 2014 3rd (BAL). Nassib is no longer available, so the Ravens will not make this trade.
73. Baltimore Ravens select QB Ryan Nassib. Chances are, Flacco won't be signed by the time the draft takes place. They move up to get a QB for insurance. It never hurts to have a better backup, or a backup that doesn't require you to change your offense.
73. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select CB Robert Alford. Prior to the draft, the Buccaneers' best options at CB were Eric Wright and EJ Biggers. Now they have Dee Millner and Robert Alford.
74. Kansas City Chiefs select OG Larry Warford. The Chiefs will do everything they can to mimic the steps taken by Harbaugh to help Alex Smith be successful. Giving him a good line and good targets are a good start.
75. New Orleans Saints select FS Baccari Rambo. Roman Harper has been used up for someone slated to earn $15M over the next two seasons.
76. San Diego Chargers select OT Oday Aboushi. The Chargers had one of the worst lines in the NFL last year. Look for Philip Rivers to bounce back this year after the Chargers spend two early picks upgrading the Guard and Tackle position.
77. Miami Dolphins select DT Sylvester Williams. Even if Randy Starks is resigned, the Dolphins should select a DT here.
78. St. Louis Rams select WR Marcus Wheaton. After losing Amendola, the Rams have Titus Young and nobody else at WR.
79. Pittsburgh Steelers select SS Shawn Williams. He was often overshadowed by his old teammate Rambo, but don't be surprised if Williams turns out to be just as good.
80. Cleveland Browns select WR Justin Hunter. The Browns are a team with many needs, and Hunter happens to be the BPA.
81. New York Giants select OLB Brandon Jenkins. As OLB/DE at FSU, he sure had a lot of stickers on his helmet. That means he is a playmaker.
82. Miami Dolphins select DE Malliciah Goodman. He was one of the nation's top recruits out of HS, but he got stuck behind Bowers on Clemson's defensive line.
83. Minnesota Vikings select OG Justin Pugh. He played Tackle in college, but projects as a Guard. The position change, as well as an injury concern drop him to the third round.
84. Cincinnati Bengals select CB Robert Alford DE Cornelius Carradine. BPA at a position of need. <--This comment is still true.
85. Washington Redskins select WR Marquise Goodwin. His speed should make him a favorite target for Griffin. This is the Redskins first pick in this draft since they wanted Robert Griffin so badly.
86. Indianapolis Colts select RB Joseph Randle. Vick Ballard did OK, but he seems like more of a change-of-pace back. Randle can handle a heavy load if he needs to. I wouldn't be surprised to see Luck have fewer pass attempts this year.
87. Seattle Seahawks select DE Lavar Edwards. Carradine may be a better Defensive End, but the Seahawks are wary of replacing an injury prone DE with someone that just tore his ACL. <--Carradine is no longer available, so this decision is no longer difficult for the Seahawks.
88. Green Bay Packers select C Khaled Holmes. Jeff Saturday played poorly enough to be benched this year.
89. Houston Texans select ILB Kiko Alonso. Should play well along with Cushing.
90. Denver Broncos select DT Akeem Spence. He isn't much of a pass rusher, but Denver has Miller and Dumerville for that job.
91. New England Patriots select WR Stedman Bailey. He is a Welker-type receiver who should immediately contribute to the team if New England lets Welker go.
92. Washtington Redskins select FS Tony Jefferson. The Redskins don't have any viable options at safety unless they address this position in Free Agency. 20120922_tjg_bk1_388
93. San Francisco 49ers select CB David Amerson. Amerson was listed as a borderline first round pick prior to the 2012 season. He played a bit slow right off the bat and never recovered from it. He is a tall CB who has a lot of potential if he can get up to speed. If not, he could bulk up and move to safety. The first three picks have all been on defense.
94. Tampa bay Buccaneers select DE John Simon. Simon will drop this far due to his size/speed combo. He's got the size of a speed rusher and the speed of a big DE. The trade never happened, so the Bucs don't have this pick.
94. Baltimore Ravens select QB Tyler Bray. If Flacco isn't signed at this point, Bray could give the Ravens a bit of leverage in the negotiations. Bray is an immediate improvement over Taylor. Bray is also a tall, strong-armed, confident QB very much in the mold of Flacco.
95 (projected). Houston Texans (comp for Mario Williams) select OG Brian Winters. Winters played his entire college career at Tackle, but should transition to OG, much like Adam Snyder did.
96 (projected). Tennessee Titans (comp for Cortland Finnegan) select QB Tyler Bray QB Landry Jones. If Jake Locker doesn't work out or gets injured, it would be nice to have a decent second option. Often a decent second option is all that it takes to light a fire under the first option.
97 (projected). Kansas City Chiefs (comp for Brandon Carr) select ILB Nico Johnson. Last year, the Chiefs had Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher. We all know what happened with Belcher. His vacancy needs to be addressed on the depth chart.

That's the end of Day 2 of the Draft. I fully intend on updating this to include Day 3, but at this point I want to go ahead and post my work so far.

Here is a quick summary of the 49ers offseason so far.

Release Akers, Williams, Haralson, and Hall.
Do not re sign Brock, Davis, Sopoaga, Ginn, Gooden, Grant, Haggans, RJF, Moss, Walker.
Resign McBath, Goldson.
Trade Alex Smith + Picks for Powe + Picks.
Trade Rogers + Picks for Picks.
Draft DE Werner, FS Reid, CB Amerson.

Remaining picks: 4th (comp), 5.8 5.24, 6.4, 6.12, 6.31, 6th (comp), 7.21, 7.31, 7th (comp)
2014 Picks: 1 (NYJ), 1 (KC), 2 (SF), 3 (DET) 3 (SF), 4 (SF), 6 (SF), 7 (SF), Conditional 3-6 (KC)

Let me know if I missed anything. Let me know if a pick is dumb. Let me know what parts of my post you like and what you don't like.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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